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JAWS 17 is Released and we have New Product Updates!

The day has come around and JAWS for Windows has been released. You can Order your copy direct from us if you live in the UK, or from an alternative distributor elsewhere in the world. The price of JAWS and upgrades are less expensive than they were. We can also give you some good prices so you can get yourself into the JAWS Software Maintenance Agreement program, entitling you to receive the next two JAWS upgrades at a reduced cost, 18 and 19!

But what about our products?


Our popular J-Dictate program, allowing you to dictate text into any aplication using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, is now JAWS 17 ready. Not only that, but we've extended the range of Dragon products supported to include the new Dragon Professional Individual. So, the full list is Dragon Home, Premium, Professional, Professional Individual, Legal or Medical. The documentation for J-Dictate has also been updated to support the Dragon Professional Individual product.

J-Dictate of course just slots into your JAWS program with no modification of default scripts, so people who have those will not be disadvantaged.

To download J-Dictate, just activate the link you will have found in the email message sent to you after purchase. If you no longer have that message, please provide us either with the email address you used to place the order, or your JAWS serial number. We can then easily trace it on our database.


Leasey has also had a small makeover and she's ready for JAWS 17 as well!

There are very few new improvements in this Leasey build because we are working hard on the next major release, to be made available at the end of November. We know you are going to love the new improvements and our new game in time for Christmas. However, if you would like to use all the existing functionality, of which there is plenty, do Download the new Leasey build from our website. If you have purchased the product, it will automatically activate as usual for JAWS 17.

Several things you should know. First, you will find that the new Leasey build is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows10 and Office 2016. The previous build of Leasey was not compatible with Office 2016.

In addition, we do have a powerful JAWS Merge facility. JAWS 17 does not have a merge facility, so you cannot import all your previously created Playcemarkers, Flexible Web rules, dictionaries, document and spreadsheet settings, configuration settings too easily. Leasey's Merge utility will allow you to bring all your Leasey settings over from the previous JAWS version and import them into the new one. It takes less than 20 seconds on most computers.

Moreover, the Merge facility is backwards compatible. So if you create settings in JAWS 17, and there is a particular reason why you want to use version 16 in the future, you can import settings from 17 to 16. Isn't that cool?

For more information on the JAWS Merge facility, please consult the section of the updated Leasey documentation entitled "Importing Leasey Settings into Alternative JAWS Versions".

Finally, all Leasey utilities (such as LeaseyPoints and LeaseyAlerts) do work alongside the new JAWS Smart Navigation. So if you want to take Smart Navigation for a spin, there's no reason not to. Everything is just going to work!

What Else is New.

It is anticipated that the next release of StationPlaylist Studio will be released very soon. Shortly after, we will have JAWS scripts to support that. We can tell you that from a JAWS standpoint this promises to be a very snappy and responsive release. The team at SPL have been working closely with us to make it so and we're looking forward to that.

The new J-Say release, as stated previously, will be available very early in the new year. Again, this will support the new Dragon Professional Individual, (a lower cost release of Dragon than the regular Professional product), as well as version 13.0 and 12.5. The many government agencies we work with are still using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5, so it is essential we support those customers.

As well as the many amazing tools which have been built into J-Say for blind voice recognition users, J-Say 14 will also contain a powerful search facility, allowing people to quickly and easily search on Google, Amazon (by country and store department), Youtube, Wikipedia and a variety of libraries such as Bookshare and the National Library Service, all by voice. We know for many of our J-Say users who totally rely on the software, this is going to be very helpful.

So, lots to look forward to, and on the day of the JAWS 17 release, we have goodies for you to grab right now. Please also check out our Training courses including the new Microsoft Outlook course beginning next week. Happpy computing with JAWS!