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Making Applications Accessible Through JAWS and J-Say Scripting

  • Are you a JAWS user who would like to be able to work with an inaccessible computing application?
  • Do you find it slow to perform common tasks with a program because there are no shortcut keys to move to specific areas or read parts of the screen?
  • Are you frequently using a browser-based application or a website and you would like sections of it spoken automatically or want to reach areas of it quickly?
  • Are you an employer of a visually impaired person requiring a solution to ensure your application is accessible with JAWS?

If so, you've come to the right place!

These are all situations in which JAWS scripting can help. There are many others!

As demonstrated in Our Products, the popular screen-reader JAWS for Windows can be configured to do much more than read the screen. It can be programmed to intelligently communicate with many websites and applications to give visually impaired people high quality interaction with an application. As a screen-reader user, it's essential to get access to information quickly and reliably with the minimum of effort. The more productive you are, the more you can do.

Programming with JAWS is called scripting. JAWS is a highly intelligent program and during the past 15 years, I've created easy-to-use yet powerful customised script packages to serve a range of need, both for home use and on a professional level.

In addition, I've been instrumental in creating the following JAWS-based products which are being used in a number of countries:

No task is too large or small. You may for example only require part of a program to be scripted. This can be easily done. Input from the JAWS user is the most important part of the scripting process and he or she may have very specific requirements. Our bespoke scripting solutions take account of the user's preferences.

It is possible that scripting can be carried out off site using a remote connection. This would certainly be the case if you live outside the United Kingdom.

We can carry out a scripting assessment at your place of work, your home or remotely via Skype/Phone dialogue using the powerful JAWS Tandem tool.

Please note that (in terms of remote off site scripting) we are very committed at present so please contact us for details as to when scripting may be able to take place.

Scripting in conjunction with our J-Say software is also possible!

What Is a Scripting Asessment?

If the application requiring scripting is at a place of employment, we may feel that your best option is to have our company carry out a JAWS Scripting Assessment. This involves an on site visit. The JAWS program will be installed onto a computer and the application will be tested to determine how the screen-reader performs.

The Assessment should include input from a person who understands the application in detail, and who can demonstrate the parts of the program the JAWS user will need to access as part of his or her day-to-day employment duties. It should also include input from the user to determine current level of JAWS knowledge.

A report will then be prepared, setting out where JAWS performs well, and what needs to take place in order to remedy any deficits within the application in order that the visually impaired person can carry out the tasks assigned by the employer.

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Why Choose Hartgen Consultancy?

  • Highly competitive rates.
  • Scripting is usually carried out using the computer hosting JAWS in order that the user's requirements are truly met.
  • Programming JAWS to output text to the Braille display is available as well as speech.
  • Thoroughly prepared documentation to support the JAWS scripting. Please look at an example!
  • Specialist scripting available for people who cannot, (or who do not wish to use), the computer keyboard.
  • Scripting available for use at home, education or the workplace.

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