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"Sounds Good to Me!" - Soundpacks for Twitter Clients

Welcome to "Sounds Good To Me!"

A number of Twitter clients for the visually impaired allow you to play sounds to denote specific events, such as when new tweets are received or messages sent. Collections of such sounds are accommodated in a special "Soundpack".

Here you can download the Soundpacks created by myself, Lulu Keel, and also the Packs I created in colaboration with Rob Dezonia.

These Soundpacks will work with any Twitter client based on the Qwitter-client or Chicken Nugget source code. To install a Soundpack, download it using the link provided, unzip the file to C:\Program Files\Client\Sounds substituting your Twitter client's name for the word "Client" in the sample path. On a 64 bit Windows machine, this should be c:\Program Files (x86). Make sure the file has unzipped correctly, and that you do not have a folder within a folder.

Now, start your client, press Control Windows Key O, and in the "Configuration" dialog the first thing you will see is a list of installed Soundpacks, which should include your newly installed Pack. Arrow to it and press enter. Using Chicken Nugget, from the main window select Application, Options, and the Sound Packs option is the first Combo Box in focus. Your new Soundpack will be viewable there.

Chicken Nugget does contain more events than there are sounds. If an appropriate sound is not found in the Soundpack to accommodate the event, the original one provided in the program will be used.

If you enjoy using these Soundpacks and have ideas for others you would like to see created, please feel free to Contact me.