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Sky Dance

Many of us may have dreamed of floating or flying in the air. This experimental dreamscape evokes the magic, relaxation and peace of that feeling using nature and fantasy sounds combined with beautiful ambient music to aid meditation.

You are standing on a high, green hill. Around you is nothing but the empty green landscape, the free air, the call of a few distant birds, the wide sky and the silence. You wonder what it would be like to be able to soar into that vault of dazzling blue, leaving all daily cares behind you on the ground.

Suddenly a warm, playful, magical wind begins to swirl around you. With each twirl you become lighter and lighter until it lifts you up in its gentle arms and bears you up, up into the sky. Feel yourself lifted higher and borne along with each gentle waft of wind. Look down at the countryside below, the pattern of fields, forests, hills and rivers, their blues, greens and browns showing like the colours of a patchwork quilt. Relax into the beautiful music and let yourself fly free.

The pace of the gentle wind's breath slows, wafting you into soft masses of white clouds. You are lifted still higher until you break through the clouds into a stratospheric height, the golden sun about you, the white clouds shining below in gentle hills and valleys, peaks and troughs. The playful wind fades away and there is only the silence, the open sky and the call of a solitary eagle.

Now you can explore this new landscape, ride on the soft air currents, dance among the clouds, discover hidden wonders. Drift with the music until the gentle breeze finds you again and wafts you gently back to earth, taking you down in gentle spirals of ever deeper relaxation and peace.

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