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You Asked, We Listened! Two Stunning New Offerings Available from LeaseyGames!


Since we added the Games Module to our product Leasey, people who have never played computer games before are enjoying the wide range of titles we have to offer. While many are available elsewhere, we set about designing a small series of games that are fun, easy to play but challenging and containing the highest quality original orchestral music. This included Truffle Troll, which we brought to Leasey users just before the Christmas holidays.

Now, we bring not one, but two new exciting games which we hope will provide Leasey users with hours of fun, pleasure and entertainment!

My Country Place.

At Hartgen Consultancy, we take pride in listening to all comments about our products and services. Through our support email list, we asked our Leasey users to tell us the kind of games they would enjoy playing. By far the most popular request was a game based on the concept of owning a farm.

Have you ever wanted to own your own farm out in the country? Have you dreamed of planting and harvesting crops, caring for animals and gaining financial reward as a result of your hard work? Wouldn't it be awesome to own a luxury farmhouse containing every conceivable item in which you can relax and let the world go away for a while? All this is possible with "My Country Place". This lady is about to find out what it is like to get away from it all!
Download and Listen to the In Depth Podcast of My Country Place!

As with the other LeaseyGames developed by Hartgen Consultancy, "My Country Place" contains original music from the Elias gaming engine. Put simply, not only does this add a lush ambience to the game itself, but the music changes as it progresses adding an exciting dimension to it.

While "My Country Place" is challenging, (requiring thought, strategy and planning), you will find it is incredibly easy to play.

You are responsible for a farm consisting of twenty plots of land and a large house. You can lay your farm out in any way you like, raise a large variety of crops, buy animals, build farm buildings, buy machinery to improve crop yields, and furnish your house with the best that money can buy. Each year there will be tasks to perform together with new challenges to meet. You will see your farm grow and improve as you play.

Best of all, you can walk around your farm! Imagine that! This game is not a simple "side scroller". You really can walk around and explore both the house and farm.

The game includes:

  • Easy to remember keyboard commands.
  • The ability to give your farm a name.
  • Configurable text to speech options including choosing of voice together with being able to change the pitch, speech rate and volume.
  • Variable music volume.
  • Facility to backup your farm either for later restoration or to transfer to another computer. Remember, you will want to earn lots of money and improve the farm and your luxury home, so you'll need to spend hours getting it just the way you want it. Backing up your hard work therefore is a must.
  • High quality sound effects! Bathe in the peace and tranquility of the farm or room ambiences, receive audio cues to assist with orientation, listen to the animals, and hear the sounds of fertilising and harvesting crops.
  • Four mini games and challenges to keep you entertained.
  • Helpful advice given through your mobile/cell phone using Text Messages.
  • The ability to purchase animals, buildings and farm machinery
    including a barn, dairy and even a winery!
  • A comprehensive User Guide which not only contains instructions for game play but in addition provides useful tips for effectively managing your farm and orientation cues.
  • And much much more!

"My Country Place" was devised by Louise Hartgen and was written by Aaron Baker of VGStorm.Com. Aaron is a highly accomplished and talented audio games developer, who has produced titles such as "The Gate", "Psycho Strike" and "Paladin of the Sky".


But what if you would like a game where you do not need to put in a lot of thought and planning? Meet Matchmaker!

Matchmaker is a simple but addictive tile matching puzzle. Match three or more tiles vertically or horizontally to clear them from the game board. Reach a new level by clearing an increasing number of tiles before all the matches run out.

This game takes inspiration from the multitude of matching games available such as BeJewelled and Candy Crush, but instead of a fixed sized grid with one set of values, our game is infinitely customisable and of course it is accessible! Choose the length and width of your game board, how many different kinds of tiles it contains, pick a set of tiles, varying from fruits and days of the week to colours, gems and even girls' names. New sets of tiles will also be added over time. Pick a puzzle from our easy and relaxing multi-level beginner's puzzle to the much harder timed puzzle where you have to match against a clock. Can you get to the next level before the gems all disappear?

Once again, Matchmaker contains original Elias music which changes in style as the game progresses. You'll love hearing the music just as much as playing the game itself.

Matchmaker was designed and written by damian Sykes-Pendleton of Gigajoy Creations. Damian too is an experience audio games designer, whose previous releases have included the successful River Raiders and X-Wheel.

Downloading the Leasey Update.

Please read these notes carefully!

Both "My Country Place" and "Matchmaker" are exclusive to Leasey which can be purchased from Hartgen Consultancy or our network of Product Distributors.

If you already have the LeaseyGames module installed, please go ahead and Download the LeaseyGames Update.
This includes the update dated March 1, 2016.
To repeat, if the LeaseyGames Module has not been previously installed, this update is not applicable and you should not use it.

In the event that the LeaseyGames Module has not been installed before, you should go ahead and install it as described in the Leasey Documentation.

Finally, please be sure to read the new sections of the Leasey Documentation to learn how to play the games together with the keystrokes to use.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of the LeaseyGames update, please send an email to and we would be delighted to assist.

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