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J-Say Version 14 is On the Way!

Within two weeks, the anticipated release of J-Say version 14 will be available.

In addition to providing support for JAWS for Windows version 14 through to 17, (version 17 was not previously supported), J-Say version 14 contains a number of new features including the following.

J-Say Search. Use a highly accessible system, controlled by voice, to quickly end easily search Google, eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia, Youtube, Bookshare, Audible and the catalogue of the National Library Service in the United States. When the search is completed, focus is automatically set to the first result, so there is no need to bypass unwanted text on pages. Some services, such as eBay and Amazon, allow you to narrow the search by category or department. NLS Search makes it possible to search by author, keyword, title, or to find out what's new or the most popular book titles at the moment. You can search for Braille books or audio content. All of the search facilities take away the stress of locating edit fields or finding the start of the content.
Control iTunes by voice. Play songs, create playlists, browse the iTunes store, add a song to the Up Next queue, move directly to components within iTunes and much more.

Our updated J-Say Learning Module gives details of how to use the new features either by voice or the keyboard, as is the case for our previous support for Spotify, Facebook and Skype.

J-Say Version 14 will support Windows7, Windows8 and Windows10, together with Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016. Support for Office 2016 is new in this release.

J-Say version 14 will support Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional version 12.5 and 13. Support for Dragon Professional Individual will be available when significant bugs are resolved within the Dragon product.

If you have a Software Maintenance Agreement, it is very easy to obtain a copy of J-say 14. Because some SMA's have been sold by our Distributor network, it is possible that we do not have an email address for you. The Distributor from whom you purchased your SMA will in time let you know that you can download J-Say 14. However, you can fast track this by sending your JAWS serial number to, whereupon we can send you details on the day of release.

Anyone who has purchased J-Say after 1 December 2015 will also be entitled to a free upgrade. Again, simply send your JAWS serial number to and we will let you know the minute J-Say 14 is released.

If none of the above applies to you, and you would like to order a new copy of J-Say or an upgrade, please contact us and we will be very pleased to work with you to ensure you have access to it as soon as version 14 is available.

Thank you for your interest in J-say 14!