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Coming Soon to Leasey Games.

Hi everyone.

One of the things we've enjoyed doing most this year has been developing the Leasey Games project. We've been able to work with some amazingly talented people, and as well as that it's been a pleasure to hear about some of the kind of games that people really want to play.

It's always been our contention that the people who don't want to play shoot 'em ups or fighting games in general are woefully under catered for. When games which don't involve fighting do come out they tend to be card games, quizz games, interactive fiction or some kind of co-ordination test. We asked, via our Leasey mailing list and other forms of social media, what games you'd like to see developed and the top answers were surprising.

Many people wanted a garden or farm sim game, a pet sim and a fantasy game with fantastical creatures such as mermaids and unicorns, but with exploring and questing rather than fighting. we were also asked for more games featuring the bumbling but lovable troll from our last game, Treasure Troll, developed by Philip Benefal.

Developing any game takes a lot of work, time and money, so we can't fulfill all the requests at once, as much as we'd like to, but we do have two games in development. One we will be giving you as a Christmas present, and one we are confident will be ready early in the new year.

Our Christmas Game.

Truffle Troll, by Philip Benefal, is a fun and challenging arcade game. Though we're giving it to you for Christmas you will want to play it all the year round.

You may remember at the end of Treasure Troll, our big friend bought himself an ice cream parlour. Unfortunately he has been unable to keep staff, so he has to run it all by himself, with your help. Can you run to the freezer, collect trays of ice creams, give out orders to customers before they get annoyed enough to start breaking the place up, and remember, if you run too fast you will drop the tray or even fall down, really not good for business. Five minutes of fast-paced fun are guaranteed. Can you make it to the end, where the luxurious rum truffle ice creams come out, serve those and score megapoints.

You asked, We Listened.

The thing we have been asked for most is a garden or farm sim game. We will soon be able to bring you My Country Place, designed by Louise Hartgen and written by Aaron Baker of, with music by Elias Software.

You have always dreamed of having your own farm. Now, because of a windfall, you can make your dream come true. You have a house, basic furniture and a farm with twenty empty fields. You can build barns and stables, buy animals, plant crops and fruit orchards, make your own farm come to life. Explore your farm and house, lay them out just the way you want. Use the money you get from selling your harvested crops to make your farm better. By better machinery, build a dairy or a winery, upgrade your house with every luxury money can buy. But things don't always run smoothly. To everything there is a season. Things have to be done on time, and sometimes the unexpected can happen in the form of our farm mini-game challenges.

With imersive sound, five mini-games and lush orchestral music, we hope this is a game you will want to play and replay over and over again.

We're always interested in hearing about what games you'd like to see on Leasey Games, or in hearing from any game developer who'd like to work with us. You can contact us by writing to

With Truffle Troll rolling out at Christmas and My Country Place in the New Year, we're really pleased to be bringing these great new games to Leasey and we hope you'll enjoy them. Happy gaming from all here at Hartgen Consultancy!