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What's Next for Hartgen Consultancy!

Hi Everyone

In case you missed yesterday's announcement, J-Say 13 has now been released! J-Say is the world leader in terms of providing blind people with the ability to control a computer by voice alone. Working with your computer the J-Say way takes away the need to use either one's hands or eyes, do it all controlling the application with your voice and accessing the computer screen with your ears!

This is our most significant upgrade for some years, containing a wide range of new features and improvements including:

  • Faster echoing of Dictation. As soon as you pause, you are hearing the text you've dictated, quicker and more reliable than before!
  • Easier Voice Commands. While all the existing commands remain, J-Say 13 is more intelligent and introduces easier vocabulary.
  • "Find It". An easier way to find text in your documents!
  • J-Say Calendar. A simple calendar which just works!
  • Listen to the Radio. A fully featured and customisable radio player so you can hear your favourite stations.
  • J-Say Audio. Listen to music on your computer or audio CD's and control it from within any application.
  • J-Say Clock. Set stopwatch, alarm and countdown timers, together with hearing Westminster Chimes throughout the day.
  • Audio Transcription. Want to dictate text into your iPhone or digital recorder and have it transcribed as text? J-Say makes it simple!
  • Multiple JAWS Versions. J-Say 13 can be installed into multiple versions of JAWS, making the program much more flexible.
  • New Look and Feel. J-Say 13 has a new installer and logo!
  • Much More. J-Say 13 is the most feature-packed version there has ever been! You can Read the full What's New page! or Listen to the Podcast!

For the first time, upgrades can either be purchased online direct from our website, or through Our Distributors! in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. If you have not upgraded your copy of J-Say for a while, now is the time to do so!

So What's Next?

We're now actively working on our next product, J-Dictate. This makes it possible to use the less expensive releases of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, including Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home edition, purely to dictate text. All the computer control and navigation is achieved using the keyboard, however people often find it easier (and certainly much faster) to dictate text into the computer rather than typing. So, there is a very distinct difference between J-Say and J-Dictate, since it is only J-Say which gives you full control of the computer using your voice. But J-Dictate is going to be an awesome productivity tool, and we'll be describing it much more thoroughly very soon on our website and in a podcast.

After that, we're straight back into development of Leasey! Anyone who has purchased Leasey will be able to get their hands on our new Leasey features first, including high quality support for iTunes from Apple. This will also find its way into J-Say 13.

After that, we do have plans very definitely, but we're not quite ready to share them with you yet. But rest assured, we're going to be very busy and innovative at Hartgen Consultancy!