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StationPlaylist Scripts V5 now available, please read!

I am very pleased to be able to bring to you version 5 of the StationPlaylist Studio scripts for JAWS. These scripts are distributed free of charge for anyone to use.

Before continuing, I would like to thank Ross and his team at StationPlaylist for providing magnificent support through the process of creating the scripts. I could not produce them without the tremendous co-operation given.

Please read these notes through carefully before upgrading.

If you plan to upgrade to SPL Studio version 5, you will need the new scripts which are available from

If you are already using a version of the scripts, my advice is to download the zipped archive of them for 5.0, and extract the contents of the archive to your JAWS Settings/Enu folder, replacing the files which already exist.

Then restart the JAWS program.

If you wish to install them using the installer method, this is also available for you from the same page. Again you should restart JAWS following the conclusion of the installation.

When StationPlaylist Studio version 5 loads, you can press Insert+Q. This will hopefully tell you that version 5 of the StationPlaylist Studio scripts are running and that you are using build 1. If jaws does not output this information then clearly there is a problem with the installation.

The scripts support JAWS version 10 through to 14 public beta.

If you are using what might be described as a "cracked" copy of JAWS, you should under no circumstances install the scripts.

If you have questions prior to updating to the new scripts, have questions about installation, or you encounter a problem with them, this is what you should do. Send an email to
clearly stating the problem that you have and the Windows operating system you are using. I will then do my best to resolve the problem for you. Please note that a resolution (or fix) may not come right away. I will do my best to fix the problem as quickly as possible, when time permits. Problems with script installation or JAWS configuration will always be pushed to the top of the support list. Thank you for your understanding.

The best way of keeping up-to-date with build changes, (which may occur frequently in the initial stages of release), is to follow me on Twitter at
or friend me on Facebook

Here are the features and changes in this version of the scripts and I hope you enjoy using them.

  • Changed a keystroke to read the elapsed time of a playing item from Control+Windows+- to StationPlaylist Key then - (dash).
  • Added a keystroke, StationPlaylist Key then V, to output the "popup information" relative to a track in the JAWS Virtual Viewer. The "popup information" displays information on the screen when the mouse is moved over a track icon in a Playlist. Note that the information which is output is controlled from within StationPlaylist's "Options/Track Info and Logging" Dialog Box.
  • Added a keystroke, StationPlaylist Key then Control+T, to read the total length of tracks which have been selected or checked.
  • Keystrokes have been added to enable or disable metadata streaming. When any of the keystrokes are pressed, you are asked if you would like to enable or disable metadata streaming. Please refer to the section of the scripts User Guide relating to metadata streaming.
  • Added an option to automatically disable metadata streaming when you exit StationPlaylist Studio by pressing ALT+Control+X.
  • Added an option to warn you if metadata streaming is enabled when StationPlaylist Studio is launched.
  • Added a keystroke, ALT+Windows+6, to announce the song pitch status.
  • Added a keystroke, ALT+Windows+7, to announce whether the playlist has been modified since it was previously saved.
  • Changed a keystroke from StationPlaylist Key then Y to ALT+Windows+8, to announce the playing status of StationPlaylist Studio, whether the playback has stopped, is in Live Assist, Automation or Paused.