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J-Say 15.1 Upgrade!


We are very proud to bring you the anticipated release of J-Say version 15.1.
This is a feature upgrade for all J-Say 15.0 registered users available at no additional cost.

This page contains a list of the new features and improvements within J-Say 15.1.

We strongly recommend that you consult the many sections of the updated “Learning Module” in order to discover how to use the new and existing features of J-Say. There have been a number of revisions even to sections of it with which you may have previously been familiar.

You will have been provided with the “Learning Module” documentation in Microsoft Word format. However, you can also access it through the “J-Say Configuration wizard”, or by speaking the command
“Get Help”.

It can also be found on the Windows “Start Menu”, under “All Programs”, “J-Say”, “Learning Module”.

J-Say 15.1 Webinar.

We recommend that you download and listen to the J-Say 15.1 Webinar. Because of significant changes made to this version, there are likely to be features which work differently to the ways in which you have been used to. In summary, if you are reliant on J-Say for your everyday computing needs, you should listen to the Webinar and become acquainted with how the changes could affect you. Then, when you are ready to try them for yourself, carry out the upgrade and not before.

The J-Say Assistant.

We know there are many visually impaired people working with J-Say who sometimes forget the most useful voice commands to work with specific situations. For example, when someone opens a Microsoft Word document, he or she may not remember the commands to move to the top of it and read the text, having dictated it initially. If the same person is reading a web page, he or she may not necessarily remember the command to bring into view the list of Links on it or how to move through Headings. If (as a Trainer) this applies to the person you are working with, it is extremely common and nothing to be concerned about. If it applies to you, don’t worry about it in the least.

The J-Say Assistant can help with these and similar tasks. The purpose of the J-Say Assistant is for Trainers to create custom notes for a user, relative to the computing environment.
so as a basic example, if you are in a list box, you can create some notes telling the person what to do in that situation. when the user wants to be reminded of the instructions, he or she says, remind me, and the text is spoken back.

A Trainer who has been working with a student for some time should have a very good grasp of the kind of information which is acceptable, which can be understood at a later time, and can therefore tailor the custom notes to suit.
Best of all, if you use the J-Say Assistant to good effect, it can be particularly intelligent in reminding a user what to do at a particular time. For example, the user is on a website designed for shopping for groceries. Custom notes can be created for the website containing a list of items the person would usually purchase. Alternatively, if the user encounters a Check Box, and he or she is always unsure how to work with it, custom text can be created as a reminder.

Custom Text can be created, edited and reviewed by speaking to the computer or using the keyboard.

The aforementioned Webinar demonstrates the J-Say Assistant. Chapter 42 of the J-Say “Learning Module” describes the process in detail.

Additional Improvements.

Modifications have been made to J-Say to better handle an obscure window which appears within Dragon V15 when screen-readers are running. This prevents some applications gaining focus. This function was in place when J-Say 15 was launched but it has been improved.

Dragon should now not display DLL errors which were occurring under specific conditions.

When using the command, go to desktop, the first item on the desktop is now not selected.

You can now cycle between the various punctuation levels jaws speaks, No Punctuation, Some Punctuation, Most Punctuation and All Punctuation.

The command, “Skip Signature”, will attempt to bypass an email signature within Microsoft Outlook so as to allow for the easy reading of earlier messages in the conversation.

A number of commands have been added for web browsing. A full list of these can be found in the Command Summary, however they include “Move Forward X Headings”, (where “X” represents 1 through to 20), “commands to move to the first, next, last and previous Heading at a specific level, and “Headings On/Headings Off”, (to enable or disable the speaking of Heading level information as the page is navigated).

The command, “Select an Object” in Microsoft Word, brings into view a list of Text Layer objects.

A small selection of commands are available to control the Audible Manager application in order to play audio books from Please refer to the “Command Summary” for details.

When creating a Dragon voice command, JAWS did not automatically vocalise the contents of a Combo box in the Dialog Box. This has been fixed.

The HTML Assistant, (described extensively in Chapter 41 of the Learning Module), allows you to create HTML in a document or web page setting. Most options in the Assistant guide you through exactly what kind of information is required to create Headings, Links, Lists, Tables and much more without having knowledge of HTML.

The ways in which Shortcuts, Contacts and Text Notes are created and used has been significantly changed. Please consult Chapter 21 of the “Learning Module” for full details, or listen to the J-Say 15.1 Webinar.

Compatibility Considerations

J-Say 15.1 coexists with:

  • Microsoft Windows7,
  • Microsoft Windows8 and 8.1,
  • Microsoft Windows10,
  • Microsoft Office 2010 through to 2016 (Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 are highly recommended),
  • JAWS for Windows versions 14 through to 18,
  • Zoomtext Fusion with JAWS for Windows,
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional version 13, 14 and 15. If you are still running Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional version 12.5, we can make an installer of J-Say available for you. However, particularly with updates to Microsoft Office and Windows versions, this is not recommended. Indeed, if you are using Microsoft Office 2016/365, Dragon Professional Individual V15 is very strongly recommended.

Instructions for Upgrading

When you purchased J-Say 15.0, you will have received an Email containing details of how to download and install the product. You can use the link in that Email to download J-Say 15.1 right now. The link is exactly the same.

If you did not keep the Email, you will need to send your JAWS serial number to, whereupon we will re-send the Email to you. Please keep it for future reference.

The documentation is available to you when you install the product by saying
“Get Help”
Or by locating it from the J-Say Configuration Wizard.

You do not need to uninstall the previous version of J-Say, 15.0, before installing the new version. Please just follow these instructions.

  1. Be sure that the computer to host J-Say technology has an active connection to the internet.
  2. Log onto the Windows account of the person to be using J-Say. Be sure that the user’s account contains “Administrator Privileges”.
  3. Download the J-Say 15.1 program, a link for which will have been provided within an Email message following the purchase of a licence. If you have not received such an Email, please send your JAWS serial number to Be sure to choose to download the program pertaining to your version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  4. Run the J-Say 15.1 installer program, restarting the computer when prompted.
  5. Wait for approximately one minute after Microsoft Windows has fully loaded. If an activation file is found, it will be downloaded to the computer and you will be prompted to restart JAWS. Please select the “Yes” Button to comply with this request.