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Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM UK time. We will try to give assistance to those people not living in the UK outside of those hours if possible.

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  • Access technology training;
  • Technical Assessments;
  • JAWS script writing;
  • High quality products with frequent updates;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Friendly sales and support.

We believe in providing visually impaired people with the best possible service and support. Whether you are a user of the JAWS for Windows screen-reader who needs some training at home, an employer of a blind person who would like to ensure an application is accessible, or you would like a screen-reading product to make your life easier, we're Hartgen Consultancy and we can help!

I'm Brian Hartgen. I have 24 years experience training visually impaired people how to use adaptive technology, from Braille-based hardware through to screen-reading software delivered within education, companies, rehabilitation organisations and to individuals in their own homes. For the past 18 years, I've focused my attention on improving the access people receive to applications using the JAWS for Windows Screen-Reader from VFO. I hold certificates from the development company in JAWS product knowledge and the Advanced JAWS Scripting course.

Feel free to review the many areas of our website and, do check back often as we extend our range of products and services.

What we strive For.

  • quality products.
  • Confidence through training.
  • Excellence through scripting.

Popular Products.

Remote Technical Support.

If you require remote technical support, we would prefer that you Download and Install our Remote Access Program.
If appropriate, instructions will be sent to you regarding making a remote connection. This gives us lots of flexibility when connecting to your computer, enabling us to provide the highest level of customer assistance.

What Our Product Users Say.

I just wish to let you know how satisfied I am with my new bespoke laptop. It is running like a dream and what a joy to turn a new computer on and have immediate easy access to all my favourite applications.

I am in awe of Leasey select, wonderful time saver, helps to read Leasey documentation, amazing tricks hidden inside!

It's amazing to me how quickly you can understand an issue and then resolve it. You wrote 2 scripts in just minutes that will truly make my work so much easier.

Hartgen Consultancy can do near-miraculous things with JAWS scripting. Others' immitation holds no candle to their innovation.

this is the best training I have received in years. Truly worth every penny. I am having a blast!!!

J-Dictate is working great! Thanks again for making a long-time dream a reality.

I hope more people can use JDictate and Dragon. These two products certainly have produced a significant impact in the way in which I do my professional work.

Hartgen Consultancy have brought amazing advancements to the way people with multiple disabilities use their computers.

I am loving this product. I love having Leasey's voice to help me.

Regarding Leasey, I don’t know when I have found an application that has come close to being this helpful in speeding up my work.

J-Say is a way to give access to computers for people who would otherwise find them daunting.

I just recently discovered the power of the Leasey Alerts. I'm creating them everywhere now.

Do You Need Training with JAWS?

One-to-one or group training can be provided in the UK with any aspect of JAWS for Windows, or our own products including Leasey, J-Dictate, J-Say and accessible broadcasting. Contact us today for more details!

Do You need a computer with our software preinstalled?

No problem. Choose your preferred computer specification. When the machine arrives at your door, everything is configured so it will start talking right away! We can ship anywhere in the UK and even let you know at what time the machine will be delivered so you can plan your day. Contact us today for more details!