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The Spa of Healing Waters

On a distant tropical island surrounded by sapphire seas is a select health spa which is famous for its healing waters. Each day you can walk from your comfortable cabin along palm-fringed paths and enjoy a variety of water treatments which promote relaxation and well-being. Between treatments you can relax with a cool drink on cushioned loungers in many gardens where exotic flowers delight the senses, colourful birds sing and gentle wind chimes tinkle in the soft breeze.

In this immersive soundscape, which is best enjoyed with headphones, you have journeyed to the spa of healing waters. You will enjoy three treatments with intervals for relaxing in three different gardens.

In the lap of the sea.

The sea around this island has a high salt content and is very good for the skin while the sea air invigorates and cleanses you. You have been taken in a dinghi to a tiny shallow cove where the sea is perfectly calm. Lie here on this flotation raft, hear how the warm waves gently lap around you, feel yourself cradled in the lap of the sea.

Garden of the Wind Bells.

Here in this garden is a quiet place for you to relax before your next treatment. There is a cold drink poured into a crystal glass. Can you hear the wind bells chiming so faintly from somewhere near?

Murmuring Waters.

For your second treatment you have been brought to a place where water runs softly down a gentle slope. Your head is raised on a waterproof pillow as you lie flat, letting the water wash over you, taking with it all worries, troubles and tensions. Listen: Is it just a thrumming of the air, or does it come from out of the ground? Something is murmuring low, you can't hear words but the sound is peaceful.

Garden of the Glass Bells.

Here is another garden, larger than the first, it's a clearing among shady trees. Don't those birds sound lovely and listen to the happy doves! Another drink is here if you're thirsty and look! The trees are all decorated with tiny glass bells that make a lovely sound when the wind touches them!

Bubbling Pool of Dreams.

You really can't go to a spa without having a jacuzzi and there's a lovely one here. There's something special about it. Just after you enter, a special bathing tincture is made for you from the fresh and dried healing herbs grown on the island. You'll hear the ingredients being prepared, then they are mixed with rosewater and poured into the jacuzzi. Lie back in the bubbles and let them lull you into a dreamy and relaxed state. Beautiful soft melody is used here to aid medetation.

Garden of Silver Bells.

here is our last garden and it is the most beautiful. Full of tall, fragrant lilies, the air is heavy with perfume. On a tall and beautiful tree bedecked with white flowers hang delicate silver bells. Listen to their gentle sound.

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