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Scripts for Furry-Paws and JAWS for Windows

Version 1 Build 3

Scripts Copyright © Brian Hartgen, JAWS Certified, 2014

Furry-Paws copyrighted ©, LLC

JAWS® is screen-reading software developed by Freedom Scientific

What's New in This Version

  • Introduced new volume control for the playback of sounds, FPaw Key then V.
  • New keystroke added, Control+N for Train in New Sport.
  • When focused on a Litter page, JAWS will announce the names associated with the litter rather than, "Litter Overview". Focus is then set to the head of the Table so you can examine details of your litter, such as the quality.
  • New keystroke added, Windows+D, to report the age of the litter.
  • When you assign an item to a dog, JAWS will now say, "Item Assigned". When you give an item to a dog, JAWS says, "Item Given", to avoid confusion.
  • If you attempt to Retire a dog, a Dialog Box will appear, asking if you are sure you would like to carry out the action. Select either "Yes" or "No" as appropriate.
  • Removed Vaxination keystroke, FPaw Key then V. This is unnecessary if the "Overview" Table (and scanning keystrokes) are used.
  • Additions and revisions have been made to the documentation.
  • The Hotkey Help system, (FPaw key then H), has been updated to accommodate new keystrokes.
  • To upgrade to this version, simply run the installer again.


Thank you for installing the JAWS for Windows scripts for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Furry-Paws. From now on, you will be able to care for (and manage) your virtual dogs with speed while having fun with them at the same time!

Furry-Paws is a Virtual Dog Game to be played in realtime.

  • Furry-Paws is a browser-based game and is free to Play!
  • It contains over 200 Dog Breeds - Each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • 16 Dog Sports are available- Compete against thousands of other players around the world.
  • Genetics - Choose your breedings carefully to produce the best possible pups.
  • Forums, Chat, Guilds, and Cassos - Connect with other dog lovers around the world.
  • Choose from over 200 different dog breeds and build your kennel from the ground up.
  • Master 16 different dog sports. Build fame and become known to players around the world as the best breeder, the best trainer, or the best competitor.

The Furry-Paws website is highly accessible and almost all of game play can be achieved using standard JAWS techniques for navigating HTML environments. However, the scripts greatly enhance the virtual dog experience, both saving you time and providing you with information you may otherwise miss.

The Furry-Paws scripts do not provide automated routines for dog care. Instead, they provide alternative methods for viewing information which would be immediately apparent to a sighted person who views each screen. He or she would in addition be able to quickly click individual links with a computer Mouse and be alerted to essential text necessary for dog care as and when the Mouse hovers over specific page content. The scripts provide the blind user with such access. In short, the blind user is not placed at an advantage over a seeing individual.

With the Furry-Paws scripts installed, you can:

  • Hear the name of the dog's kennel automatically when a new page loads;
  • Be automatically notified when a dog should advance to the next level in the game;
  • Move to frequently used areas quickly with easy-to-remember keystrokes;
  • Be informed of "Random Events" as and when they appear;
  • Scan through the "Overview" Table rapidly to determine whether attention should be given to a dog;
  • Have focus automatically set to relevant areas of a page depending upon the task being carried out;
  • Remind yourself of the progress of dog care;
  • Be alerted to new messages which may be accessed from your Kennel page;
  • Learn useful information concerning the most appropriate toy for your dog;
  • Access a comprehensive list of keystrokes grouped together according to task.

For a demonstration of how the scripts make it a snap for you to care for your dogs, Please download our Audio Podcast!

This short guide does not teach you how to create (or care for) your dogs. It simply gives a brief description of the script functions. We highly recommend that you visit the "Help" tutorials on the Furry-Paws website and participate in the forums to be found there in order to learn how to play the game.

We very much hope you enjoy using the Furry-Paws scripts!

Technical Considerations

Technical Support is available by Email only. This product is distributed free of charge and as a result Technical Support queries will be resolved as and when time allows. To receive such support, please send an Email message to, clearly stating the difficulty giving step-by-step descriptions of how to duplicate the problem.

Installation and Upgrading From a Previous Version

The Furry-Paws scripts are housed within an installer program which is completely accessible. Simply follow the prompts on screen which JAWS will read to you. The scripts and audio cue files will be installed into your JAWS Settings folder. It is not necessary to restart the computer following the installation.

If you have used the Furry-Paws scripts before, to upgrade to the latest build simply download and run the installer again. If you have changed the "Verbosity" setting, this is retained even if an upgrade has taken place so you do not need to reset it.

When the program has been installed, on the Windows Start Menu/All Programs, you will find a shortcut entitled "Furry-Paws Scripts". Under this program group, you will find an option to read this documentation in HTML format, together with a link to uninstall the scripts if you wish to do so at a later date.

To ensure JAWS functions optimally with Furry-Paws, we recommend that you disable Javascript on the website. Indeed this is recommended by the Developers for screen-reader users and is a one time process.

Assuming an account has been created on Furry-Paws, do the following:

  1. From the "Kennel" page, press Insert+F7 to invoke the "Links List" Dialog Box.
  2. Press the letter S repeatedly until JAWS says the word "Settings".
  3. Press Enter. The "Settings" page will be loaded.
  4. Press Control+Home to reach the top of the page.
  5. Press the letter A repeatedly, (the letter R with JAWS 14 or below), until JAWS announces "No, (Recommended for Screen-Reader Users), Radio Button Not Checked".
  6. Press the Spacebar to select this Radio Button.
  7. Press the letter B to reach the "Save Changes" Button.
  8. Press the Spacebar to activate the Button. The change is now complete and saved for future use.

Using the Furry-Paws Script Functionality

The Role of the FPaw Key

In order to avoid keyboard conflicts with other applications, we have adopted a layered key approach with the Furry-Paws scripts to support many of the functions. The concept is that you press a key on the keyboard, release it, then press another key to execute the function.

The key we have chosen for this purpose is the Grave Accent key. On a standard desktop computer keyboard, this is situated to the immediate left of figure 1 on the numbers row. This key is known as the FPaw key.

For example, if you wish to move directly to your kennels, (the hub of the Furry-Paws game), press the FPaw key, release it, then press the letter K. When you press the FPaw key, the word, "FPaw", may be spoken or a sound may be played.

The Playing of Sound

As you use various functions of the Furry-Paws scripts, you will notice that sounds (or audio cues) play when specific events occur, such as when you press the FPaw Key or when a new page loads. You can change the volume level of the sounds by repeatedly pressing the FPaw Key then V. As you repeatedly press this key combination, a sound will play at varying volume levels to denote the level reached, or messages will be spoken if the sounds are disabled. There are five possible settings.

  • Off, and the FPaw Key is spoken. Sounds are disabled, however when you press the FPaw Key, JAWS says the word, "FPaw", to indicate you have pressed it.
  • Off, and the FPaw Key says nothing. As the option suggests, pressing the FPaw Key when this setting is enabled causes no output at all.
  • Low. Sounds will play at a very low volume.
  • Medium. Sounds will play at a medium volume.
  • High. Sounds will play at the full system volume.

New Page Notifications

When you log onto the Furry-Paws website, (and as you move to each new page), JAWS is instructed to announce page elements which are integral to the task being carried out or provide you with audio cues if sounds are enabled. JAWS may do any one of the following:

  • Play ascending tones to indicate that a new page has loaded;
  • Speak (and output to Braille) the dog you are caring for, or the area of Furry-Paws you are accessing, such as the Market;
  • Play a chime sound if an Alert is present on your Kennel page;
  • Advise you if the dog needs to advance to the next level in the game;
  • Warn you of important status information, for example if your dog's food is not in your inventory or that he or she has been successfully trained;
  • Provide notification of a "Random Event".

You will not hear the number of Headings or Links on the page as is customary when using the internet with JAWS as this significantly slows down game play.

General Navigation

Many keystrokes have been provided to frequently accessed areas of the Furry-Paws website. Where possible, keystrokes which may be easy to remember according to the area being accessed have been assigned. For example, the visit the primary Kennel page, press FPaw Key then K. Generally speaking, primary areas, (such as to move to the Kennels page, Market, to feed a dog etc), are assigned to single character keystrokes. When inside a category, such as the Market or within the Grooming Centre, additional keys may be required. The Grooming Centre keystrokes use the Control key, Links in the Market use the ALT key and dogs within litters are cared for with the Windows key.

All keystrokes can be accessed using the FPaw Help System, activated by pressing FPaw Key then H. When the Help system is in view, you will be presented with a Virtual Viewer screen containing a series of Hyperlinks, with each Link denoting a specific category of keystrokes. Press Enter on a Link to move into the category where the appropriate keystrokes will be listed. To move back to the main index of categories, either press Enter on the Link at the bottom of the page or press ALT+Left Arrow.

When in the Help system, pressing Enter on any Link describing a keystroke will cause the action to be carried out. For example, press Enter on the "Manage" Link to move to the "Manage" area of the website.]

The categories in the Help system are:

  • Dog Care;
  • General;
  • Grooming Centre;
  • Market;
  • Table Navigation.

A complete list of keystrokes is given at the end of this document. Please note that pressing any of the keystrokes when not focused within the Furry-Paws website will cause JAWS to announce that "you are not on Furry-Paws".

Additional Messages

The scripts provide additional messages to confirm that you are moving to the desired area of the Furry-Paws website. Experienced game players will not wish to hear or read such messages, and so they can be enabled or disabled by pressing the FPaw Key then Control+V for "Verbosity". The setting is retained even if you restart the computer.

Using our previous example, with the additional verbosity enabled press the FPaw Key then K. JAWS will say the word "Kennel" prior to the Kennel page being loaded into the browser to confirm that the action is being carried out.

Ascertaining Dog Care Progress

As you care for your dogs, it is possible that you could forget which areas have been covered. For example, the primary areas of dog care are to give him or her water, food, to play, groom, pre-train and train. If you simply forget which areas have been worked through, you can press the FPaw Key then Control+L. This will provide a summary of events carried out. This can be helpful to avoid duplication of tasks previously undertaken. This key will also advise you if your dog has increased to the next level and which grooming tool has been used.

Working Example of Dog Care

Before detailing the remaining functions of the Furry-Paws scripts, lets walk through a working example of how you would care for a dog. In this way, you can get a good idea as to how the scripts work and the kind of information you can expect to hear.

  1. Browse to
  2. When you are logged into the site using your account, (this can be set to occur automatically), you are presented with your Kennel page. JAWS will say, "Kennel".
  3. Press Control+Home to move to the top of the page.
  4. Press the letter T to reach the first Table containing details of your dogs. The Table coordinates are announced.
  5. Press ALT+Control+Down Arrow to move to the first item in the "Name" column of the Table. This is the name of your first dog.
  6. Press Enter on the Link associated with the dog's name. After a short pause, JAWS will announce the dog's prefix and name. An ascending tone may also be heard to denote that the new page has been loaded.
  7. If JAWS announces the words, "Level Up", your dog needs to advance to the next level. Press FPaw Key followed by L to do this. After a short pause, JAWS will advise you of the new level which has been reached.
  8. Optionally at any time, press the FPaw Key then Control+G. JAWS will speak the number of UXP (points) gained.
  9. Optionally at any time, press the FPaw Key then 9. JAWS will speak the level your dog has reached.
  10. We will now give our dog some water. Press the FPaw Key then W. If "Verbosity" is enabled, JAWS will say the word, "Water", and when the new page has loaded, (indicated by the ascending tones), you will hear that the water bowl has been refilled. Focus will be set to this information so you can read it using the JAWS SayLine command, (Insert+Up Arrow), or with the Up and Down Arrow keys, useful If "Verbosity" is disabled, .
  11. Press the FPaw Key then Control+L. JAWS will speak the name of the dog being cared for, together with the word, "Water", indicating that you have given this to your dog.
  12. The remaining keystrokes for primary dog care to get you started are, FPaw Key then F for feed, P for play, C for clean, G for groom, T for pre-train and Control+T for train. Grooming and training have special significance as described below.
  13. When you have taken complete care of the dog, be sure to press the "Status" key, FPaw Key then S. If all has gone well, you will hear JAWS announce, "Condition 100 per cent". If an alternative percentage is given, you need to examine this area of the page to determine what the difficulty is. Focus is set to the appropriate area on the page, so go ahead and press Down Arrow repeatedly to examine the text.
  14. Optionally at any time, press the FPaw Key then d. JAWS will speak the dog's age, the number of FP days.

Grooming and Training Dogs

When the grooming keystroke has been pressed, (FPaw Key then G), you are taken into the Grooming Centre. This screen requires that you choose a grooming tool to use. Keystrokes are provided to work with each of the grooming tools, such as FPaw key then Control+C for comb. All keystrokes relating to the grooming tools are accessed with the Control key.

When within the Pre-Training screen, (activated by pressing FPaw Key then T), press the FPaw Key then Control+t to carry out the training process.

When training your dogs in new sports, you will first need to obtain the dog's aptitudes, necessary so you can decide in which sport he or she should be trained. However, remembering the dog's aptitudes can be difficult as there could be several of them. The dog's aptitudes are not displayed on the screen to train him or her in the new sport, so the scripts provide a method to remind you.

From your dog's page, press the FPaw key then A. The aptitudes will be spoken and stored for later reminder.

When focused on any other page of the Furry-Paws website, such as that for training your dog in a new sport, press the FPaw key then Control+A. This will remind you of the aptitudes previously stored.

Feeding a Dog More than Once or Retiring a Dog

It is not possible for you to feed a dog more than once, and indeed attempting to do so can cause you to waste food which you have paid for within Furry-Paws currency. Therefore, if this is attempted a Dialog Box will appear, asking if you are sure you want to feed the dog again. In most cases, you would press the letter N to activate the "No" Button in the Dialog Box, whereupon no further action will be taken. If "Yes" is selected, an attempt will be made to feed the dog again.

Similarly, if you attempt to retire a dog by pressing the FPaw Key then Control+R, a Dialog Box will appear asking if you would like to carry out the action. Select either "Yes" or "No" as appropriate by pressing the letters Y or N.

The Market

Should you need to purchase anything from the "Market", (for example if a dog has reached a particular level and you need to change its collar), you can do so by pressing FPaw Key then E. You will then need to choose any one of the shop pages. Following the pressing of the FPaw Key, press any one of the "Market" keystrokes - the ALT key together with one of the assigned letters, such as F for "Food Shop" or A for "Accessories Shop".

If you have purchased an item from a shop, you may need to assign it to a dog. You do this by first activating the "Use Item" keystroke from the "Transaction Complete" screen, FPaw Key then ALT+U.

On the "Use Item" screen, press FPaw Key then Control+M which will set focus to the name of the dog you have previously cared for. Press the letter G to reach the Graphic Link "Give to Dog" and press Enter. Finally, press ALT+Q for "Equip Anyway", since you are being asked if you would really like to assign the item to the selected dog, replacing the existing one.

The Toy Shop, located within the Furry-Paws Market, allows you to purchase a toy for your dog. It is important to select the correct toy which meets your dog's particular aptitude or character. If a sighted person hovers the computer mouse over each of the Links to purchase a toy, a description is revealed to indicate the character of the dog for which the toy is suited.

In order to hear the description mentioned above, activate the "Verbosity" option with FPaw Key then Control+V. Using the Up and Down Arrow keys to move through the Toy Shop Links will cause JAWS to read out the name of the toy followed by the appropriate description.

Entering Dogs into Competitions

When you have taken care of your dogs they must be entered into competitions. Please do the following:

  1. From your dog's page, press FPaw Key then M. This activates the "Compete" Link.
  2. On the ""Compete Entry form" page, complete the form according to your requirements.
  3. Press the letter B to reach the "Enter Competitions" Button.
  4. Press the Spacebar to activate the Button.
  5. On the next page which is loaded, press FPaw Key then N to activate the "Next Dog" Link, whereupon the process for entering the next dog into competitions can be achieved. As you move to each dog in turn, JAWS will announce the dog prefix together with its name so you can be assured that each dog is being entered into competitions. Repeat the process until all of your dogs are entered into competitions for the day.

Random Events

From time to time during game play a "Random Event" will occur. These can be good, such as finding FPaw money on the ground or valuable collectible/tradable artifacts, indifferent: things which may just cause a smile or a shrug, or bad, a racoon may take some of your money or your dog may roll in something nasty and require a total re-grooming. You may choose to investigate "Random Events" or ignore them.

If a "Random Event" is present, you will hear a beep sound and focus will be automatically set to the "Investigate" Button. Press the Enter key or Spacebar to investigate. If sounds are disabled, the words, "Random Event", will be spoken.

After a short pause, the new page will load and JAWS will set focus to, (and read), information concerning the "random event".

The Table Scanning Keys

One of the core elements of Furry-Paws is the "Overview" Table which you can reach by pressing FPaw Key then Forward Slash, to the immediate left of the righthand Shift key. The "Overview" Table gives important information relating to all of your dogs, including the name, condition, whether he or she has been entered into competitions, and so on.

If you are caring for a small group of dogs, (and certainly hundreds), examining this Table can be time consuming. A useful set of Table Scanning keys is available. You will know whether or not you need to use the Table Scanning keys. If you visit the "Overview" page, and JAWS announces, "there is still some work to do" (when Verbosity is enabled), then you will need to use them.

As the name suggests, pressing any of these keys will cause JAWS to examine the information in the appropriate column and take action if a problem is found. If no problems are discovered, JAWS will announce the words, "All Clear". It is not necessary to locate the "Overview Table" prior to pressing any one of the Table Scanning keys. Simply having the "Overview" page in focus is enough. The scanning process takes less than a tenth of a second for each column selected if you use the Quick scan. If you prefer the older table scanning method, a series of musical notes will play while the table is being scanned. While this is slower, the results are extremely accurate. The new Quick scan is experimental at present. You can enable or disable Quick scan by pressing the Control plus the FPaw key together. Please do not press the FPaw key first.

  • Press FPaw Key then 1 to scan the "Name" column. If a dog needs to be levelled up, you are advised of this. Focus is set to the dog's page, whereupon you can press FPaw Key then L to achieve this.
  • Press FPaw Key then 2 to scan the "Condition" column. If something is amiss with a dog's care and well-being, you will be advised of this and focus will be set to the dog's page. When loaded, press the FPaw Key then S to learn of the current status, then, press Down Arrow repeatedly to ascertain the difficulty to correct.
  • Press FPaw Key then 3 to scan the "Competitions" column. If any dog has not been entered into competitions, you will be advised of this and the dog's page will be activated.
  • Press FPaw Key then 4 to scan the "Training" column. If any dog has not been trained, you will be advised of this and the dog's page will be activated. The training can then be undertaken.
  • Press the FPaw Key then 0 to scan the "Vaxinations" column. If a dog requires vaxinations, you will be advised of this and will then hear the message: "Moving to Clinics page, please wait." The "Clinic Search" page is then activated and you can look for a clinic by name or at a price you wish to pay.

If as a result of using the Table Scanning keys you have learned that attention to a dog is required, and you have as a consequence attended to the problem, you must revisit the "Overview" page by pressing FPaw Key then Forward Slash, and use the same "Table Scanning" key as before. To repeat, your objective is to hear JAWS say, "All Clear", for each of the five columns. Moreover if you visit the "Overview" page, and JAWS does not say, "there is still some work to do" (when Verbosity is enabled, you know your work is complete.

Keystroke Summary

The following is a list of keystrokes which you can use while navigating Furry-Paws. All keystrokes can be referenced, and activated through, the Help System, FPaw Key then H.

Caring for Dogs.

Press the FPaw key before any of the following keystrokes.

  • Water: W.
  • Feed: F.
  • Play: P.
  • Clean: C.
  • Groom: G.
  • Pre-Train: T.
  • Train: Control+T.
  • Train in New Sport: Control+N.
  • Compete: M.
  • Get colour of collar and leash: Control+O.
  • Feed Litter: Windows+F.
  • Socialise Litter: Windows+S.
  • Litter Bite Inhibit: Windows+B.
  • Litter Noise Desensitise: Windows+N.
  • Aptitude Test: Windows+A.
  • Speak Age of Litter: Windows+D.
  • Use item: U.
  • Equip item: Q.


Press the FPaw key before any of the following keystrokes.

  • Additional spoken messages: Control+V.
  • Volume Control: V.
  • Manage: 7.
  • Host Competitions: 8.
  • Report the last dog's name and activity: Control+L.
  • Move to the last dog you have cared for: Control+M.
  • Speak Status: S.
  • Next Dog: N.
  • Next Litter: X.
  • Level up: L.
  • Speak Dog's current level: 9.
  • Speak Dog's age: d.
  • Kennel: K.
  • Get Dog's aptitudes: A.
  • Hear dog's aptitudes from anywhere on the site: Control+A.
  • Speak Points gained: Control+G.
  • Inventory: Y.
  • Market: E.
  • Overview: Forward Slash.
  • Back to dog's page: Control+P.
  • Register Dog: R.
  • Retire dog: Control+R.
  • Continue: Control+U.

Grooming Centre.

Press the FPaw key before any of the following keystrokes.

  • Comb: Control+C.
  • Slicker: Control+S.
  • Bristle: Control+B.
  • Demat: Control+D.
  • Shampoo: Control+H.


Press the FPaw key before any of the following keystrokes.

  • Bank: ALT+B.
  • Accessories: ALT+A.
  • Food: ALT+F.
  • Grooming Shop: ALT+G.
  • Toy Shop: ALT+Y.
  • Training Kit: ALT+T.
  • Fame Shop: ALT+M.
  • FPP Shop: ALT+P.
  • Return to Shop: ALT+R.

Table Navigation.

Press the FPaw key before any of the following keystrokes. The exception to this is the keystroke to enable or disable the quick Table Scanning mode.

  • Name: 1.
  • Condition: 2.
  • Competitions: 3.
  • Training: 4.
  • Vaccinations: 0.
  • Enable or disable the quick Table Scanning mode: Control+FPaw.
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