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Welcome to Bert's Place!

You have Opened the Door to Bert's Place!

Wow! Will you look at this! Now I have a web page, all to myself, to do what I like with, well, within reason! I have been asking for my own page for more than a year, I deserve it, the amount of work I do, but I never thought I would get it! It must have been someone working on him! I will say no more than that. Oh, look at me rambling on, I had better start sounding a bit more proffessional, if I want to keep this page!

About Me

My name is Bert Hartgen, and I am a leprechaun. That makes me sound like someone who wants to be cured of something, but never mind, it just happens to be the truth. We leps don't have surnames as a rule, so we take the name of the person we work for. Nor do we all go around saying "Toppa the mornin' to ya!" showering you with gold, and getting into fights.

We don't all come from Ireland, though we all have Irish in our blood, that's why we are leps, after all.

I have been working for Brian Hartgen for about three years now. I may moan about him, but I actually rather like it, don't tell him I said so. Apart from the domestic things any lep will do for the person he or she works for, I help a lot with audio production, and that is the kind of work I really like. Hear an audio interview with Brian and his partner L about how we work together.

Let's see, what else? My best friends are house elves, Hinky and Tealy. I met Hinky through work, and we ended up having lots of fun times together, some of which got me into trouble, if I did not watch out! Sadly, Hinky has gone back to the States, where he originally came from, now, and poor Tealy is heartbroken about it, but I still get lots of Emails from Hink. He has a nasty habit of forwarding jokes, true stories and reams of other junk to me and I will ask him here and now, publicly, to stop it! I only talk to Tealy now and then on the telephone, I am starting to be afraid she is looking at me as a kind of Hinky substitute, but I have other plans.

I used to have a girlfriend, but she led me an awful dance, and we broke up. ouch! The less said about that, the better. Now I am much happier, though I never thought in a thousand years I ever could be. I had better not say too much here, in fact I can’t say much anywhere, for fear of getting into trouble with the lep top brass! Thank goodness I have my Journal where I can write about anything I want, the goings on at home, my family news, work, oh, lots of things! All I will say here is that a certain person is incredibly special, and very sweet to me, which makes me one happy lep!

Speaking of the family, there are quite a lot of them and sometimes it can be difficult to remember how we are all related. Read about who's who in my world

And that is me, in a nutshell. So, let us go on to where it really gets interesting.

The Bert and Hinky Files

As some of you may know, we all, Brian, Lulu Hinky and I, worked for an internet radio station Team-FM. In the run up to the launch of the station, Hinky and I were run off our feet. Life was incredibly busy, and also incredibly good fun. Brian and L, as Lulu lets me call her, made sure we had some time off though. Here you can download the Bert and Hinky files.

The Bert Files

Why does Brian like to record episodes in my life, usually when I am getting myself into some kind of a scrape? It is a total mystery to me. I have noticed, though, that some people do like to hear these recordings. Here you can download the Bert Files. There are sure to be more and more of them as time goes by, so do keep checking back often.

You can also Subscribe to a podcast of my audio adventures. The podcast can also be found by searching the iTunes Store for "Bert's Place".

Nice to Tweet You

If you enjoy these files and would like to get in touch, or just want to keep up with my doings, perhaps you would like to follow me on Twitter. The user name is @berthartgen. I do not tweet as often as I would like to, but I would love to tweet you there! You can see a summary of my tweets on this page.

You can also friend me on Facebook and visit my blog! in which I will be talking about working with L on The Bear’s Lair, for Team-FM, as well as anything else that is interesting. If you are a fan of Facebook as I am, you can "Like" this page by clicking the Button towards the bottom.

Finally, please do not forget to read my journal! This is where I talk about what has happened in my life day-to-day together with keeping you updated with family news.

Thanks for taking the time to read my page!


Bert sitting on the floor in a relaxed huddle