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What's New in the StationPlaylist Scripts

Copyright 2016, Hartgen Consultancy

If you wish to learn how to use the StationPlaylist products in combination with JAWS, please Purchase our comprehensive audio tutorial!

What's New in Build 5!

Complete support for StationPlaylist Studio, Creator and Track Tool version 5.2.

Within StationPlaylist Studio, pressing the SPL Key followed by W now reports the time at which a track is scheduled to play correctly in all instances. The information for this is now derived straight from the program itself rather than on screen so is completely reliable. This seems to be a very welcome improvement.

Improved scripts for StationPlaylist Creator. Press Insert+H for a list of Hot Keys or consult the revised documentation.

Scripts have been added for the Playlist Editor. Again, press Insert+H for relevant keystrokes.

If you activate the Properties of a Track with ALT+Enter, move to a field and press ALT+O for OK, the next time you move into Properties you are located on the same field as before. Ideal for quickly marking intros, outro's or hooks.

In the Track Tool, ALT+G activates the fantastic new Replay Gain feature.

In Track Properties, if an item has no value, such as one of the new hooks, JAWS advises you of this.

Within the new VT Recorder, pressing ALT+3 will report the incoming and outgoing tracks.

From within any application, press Control+Windows+Shift+Up and Down Arrows to change the volume level of the default sound source.

Pressing R to start or stop recording, such as to capture a live show, now reports the recorder status.

Speech History, Insert+Space then H, now works correctly.