JAWS Scripts for Station Playlist Studio 


Station Playlist Studio is a simple to use on-air broadcast automation playout software package for the studio and/or DJ.  It plays all your media files with manual or intelligent automatic crossfading.  It can play jingles, commercials, news and songs.  Live streams, live inputs from your soundcard, satellite feeds and so on.  It includes an Internet stream encoder, voice track/song ramp overlapping, microphone button with music fade, many automation and Live Assist features such as cart slots for instant jingles, and much more.


Sttation Playlist Studio is an extremely accessible application.  Almost all of the functions can be activated using the keyboard.  However, as with many applications, it is useful to have keystrokes to read important parts of the screen succinctly.  Particularly in a broadcasting situation where gaining an awareness of what is happening quickly is imperative, these powerful scripts provide productivity  enhancements so you can concentrate more on what is happening in your programme rather than using the JAWS screen review mode to locate the information you need.


The Station Playlist Studio scripts contain:



 The creation of the scripts is a voluntary project, with the scripts being written by myself.  Concepts were developed by Jonathan Mosen, contributors to the Station Playlist Studio mailing list and I.  Updates and support for the scripts will therefore be delivered as and when time permits.


Feature suggestions for script improvements are very welcome and should be sent by Email.


Download the documentation for the Station Playlist Studio scripts.


Download the zipped archive of the version 4.0 scripts to support Station Playlist Studio version 4.33.


Download the installer  for version 4.0 of the scripts to support Station Playlist Studio version 4.33.


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