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The Music Machine is looking for your memories of 1979!

Hi Everyone!

This Sunday at 16:00 UTC, 5 PM UK, 12 PM Eastern on the Global Voice, we have the first in a number of special Music Machine shows coming your way.

If you enjoy the music of the 1970's, you are in for a real treat. I'll be playing some of the best sounds from that wonderful musical decade, and I'll be diving back into my vinyl record collection to get out some of the more unusual songs too that are hard to find! Your requests for your favourite 70's songs would be very welcome, more about that in a moment.

But for the second hour of the programme, we go back to 1979, I'll explain why during the show. I'll be playing some of the best hits from the year and telling you about the singles chart too. You'll also hear about the news events of the year. But I won't just tell you about them, I'll take you there, back to 1979. You'll hear audio archives of the news and other key events of the time so you can find out what it was really like!

Your memories of 1979 would be fantastic to hear about. Were you at college during the year? Were you perhaps starting your first job? Did you meet someone special? What about the music of 79, which songs in particular do you remember? Do you have any favourites?

Do please let me know your 1979 memories by writing to brian@TheGlobalVoice.Info or by sending tweets to @brianhartgen.
It would be wonderful to hear from you!

I cannot wait to be with you this Sunday only on the Global Voice with our sensational 70's show!