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From Bert: Christmas Surprises

Hi, Everyone!

Goodness me! I really will have to get myself hit by a car more often, I can see! Ok, getting hit was pretty nasty, but wow! the amazing things which have happened since!

Of course, the most amazing of all, I cannot ever talk about, unless I want to get myself into serious trouble with the lep top brass. In fact I am not even sure it is safe to think about it! But I know it was not a dream, and I will never forget it. Gosh, enough said about that.

What I can talk about are my amazing Christmas presents! Now I have a bluetooth headset, a present from L, so I can listen to Team-Fm on my IPhone whenever I like without bothering anyone, and believe me, in this place it has proved a useful gift. I also have a mini bluetooth keyboard from Brian, for sending texts and tweets. This has proved a real boon, as at the moment I am doing most things one-handed, so using the touch screen is not easy for me.

From Hinky I got a bottle of Champagne. This surprised me rather, but I gather he was looking at pictures on my phone while I was, well, shall we call it elsewhere, and found one of us at that rather nice restaurant, and he was reminded of how much I like “That weird Fizzy Wine” As he calls it. I am saving that for when I am better, of course, if I dared to drink it now, several people would not be happy! From Tealy I got rather a neat nightcap, which is stretchy, and covers up all these bandages, so I look presentable when people come to see me. She said being ill is no excuse to let myself go! That is just typical Tealy! I think if this had happened to her, and she had been conscious, she would have been doing her makeup in the ambulance driving mirror, bless her!

The best present of all came from Brian and L together, and I can still hardly believe it. They gave me a netbook of my own! Now I will never need to borrow Brian's computer again.

This is one of those presents that is so amazing you are scared to look away from it in case it disappears. But it is still here. It is a really cool Netbook, and of course, Brian set it all up for me days ago, but I have not been wel enough to play with it until today.

Once I had got it booted up I did not know what to do first, I felt like I had been let loose in a sweetshop. But once I had checked my Email and done a few things, I thought I would go and take a peek at my web page, and I got another surprise! I have been given a blog!

I am not really sure what has got into Brian! Anyone would think he was the one that got the bang on the head! I have been asking for my own web page and my own blog for over a year, and the answer has always been no. Oh well, I am definitely not complaining!.

What I am doing is yawning. This really has gone on long enough, my hand is getting tired, And anyway if I ramble too much you will all get bored stiff. So I will stop now, I want a nap before Down for Double. I am really looking forward to this one, I have always loved Children’s music, even if they did not have such a thing as Junior Choice where I grew up! I might enlarge on that one of these days, you never know.

I will write again when I have some news to tell, in the meantime, thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Big smiles from Bert.