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A Short News Post

Hi everyone!

This is going to be a small blog entry this time because I've written quite a few posts this week, but while I listen to the Bear's Lair of course, I thought I would write a paragraph or two about what has been happening in the week.

Last weekend was an exceptionally busy one, mainly with audio work. I did some testing with our new audio equipment on the Global Voice, and spent quite a lot of time ensuring that I can vary the volume of both the JAWS screen-reader speech and also the sound mixer independently. I can then hear JAWS quite comfortably together with the main broadcasting output which is good news. I've also thought about new features I can add to my show to include in future weeks. Of course I am hoping people are going to enjoy this week's show, but I have planned something great for next week also. This will involve some audio production, but if I get it right it should be a little different. But I have plenty of new themes and artist profiles in my mind as people seem to enjoy those. Nothing will be predictable that's for sure.

Speaking of things being unpredictable, during my tests last week we thought it would be a great idea to bring back Down for Double, the show L and I used to jointly host. I am glad to say we are able to do that on The Global Voice, so that will start in a couple of weeks. A good laugh, music with an upbeat feel-good factor, lively conversation and a lot more!

I also did a lot of audio editing on a project last week and some website design, all of which you will see and hear later. In fact, L and I were both working furiously on various projects and we only just stopped for food!

This week has gone by very quickly. Yesterday evening, it was the end of my working week and so we relaxed with lots of good music, drink and chat. It was great!

One thing I left out of the last blog entry. I have been asked to speak at the Accessible World programme called "Spotlight on Music". I need to speak for an hour about a musical artist or group of my choosing. There are plenty I could choose, but Mama Cass Elliot would be a good subject as I know quite a lot about her. But I have always wanted to produce a short profile of The Carter Family as again I've researched the group very extensively and they were America's first family of country music. I love country! Their history makes a good story and I think an hour would do that justice. We'll see which I choose, I'll let you know.

That's about all for now I think! If you can, please join me on Sunday at 5 PM UK, 12 PM Eastern, for my show on
More about that in a separate post. Have a wonderful week everybody!