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Improved Audio, Trains and More

Hi everyone!

Well it's been another really good week. Not much to tell you about but that doesn't mean to say it has been uninteresting or not particularly busy. So let's see.

Last weekend was spent doing a lot of audio production including one of our "Bert Dramas" and an audio promo for my upcoming show on The Global Voice,"The Music Machine". L had an idea for a good promo and so we set to work on Sunday putting that together which was great. It's turned out to be a bit wacky and one of my best, so that's good!

Let's talk about audio for a moment. We now have the new audio equipment set up, that is, the new microphone and sound mixer, both of which I am really pleased with. I worked out most of the controls myself, but fortunately L's mother and husband were over yesterday, so Geoff gave me a good description of the items I didn't know about. We also got the microphone stand and its boom in exactly the right place. Now I have the best audio quality I can get, in exactly the right setting and I am not restricted in any way at all in terms of giving a good performance on a show with great support from L. To that end, I really do feel that the work I'll be able to produce for the Global Voice will be some of the best I have ever done.

This week I've spent travelling around quite a lot on the trains: to Sheffield, St. Helens and to Bristol a couple of times. I am getting to learn a couple of things about Cardiff station. First, when I am waiting for trains to arrive, I listen to the announcements concerning where different trains are going to and from. This helps a lot so I can plan future journeys. But second, I am learning a lot about the geography of the station in terms of mobility. This helped a lot as I got to Cardiff Central at 5.30 Monday morning only to discover noone was around to help me onto the train. But I was able to resolve that and got on a train going in the right direction which always helps!

This morning, Friday, has been quite a busy morning although I got up fairly late. I did some audio production, some work on the website which needed to be done and as I write, I am sitting here on the comfortable sofa listening to L's radio show, "The Bear's Lair" and enjoying it a lot! I am going to do some broadcast testing tomorrow ready for next week but I don't expect any problems at all, more about the show nearer the time.

I have a plan for a redesign of a key area of our website, but it's going to take me a good couple of hours to implement that so I'll doubtless get that done in a week or so.

Regarding books, I am still reading "The Chamber" by John grisham, but I do have two Audible credits awaiting my attention which I haven't used, so I am looking forward to choosing something good to read.

I'll write more really soon!