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The Global Voice, Games and Chat

Hi everyone

(Writing from the car heading for Warrington).

Quite a lot has happened this past week so I'll pick up the detail from last Friday which was part of the Easter break.

Good Friday was the day L relaunched her radio show, (The Bear's Lair), on the internet station the Global Voice. I was really pleased to have been there to support her on that day as she was quite nervous. But, as with her audition, she need not have been because the listening figures were very good and it was an excellent programme!

Immediately after that, I thought I would give internet broadcasting another try and I wrote to the station for an audition. That took place this past Sunday and I start producing the Music Machine again at the end of the month!

I am very pleased to be working as part of the team at the Global Voice. They seem a very friendly group of people, their audio standards of quality are high, they have an excellent broadcasting technical infrastructure in place and I am sure there will be other good things they will offer over time. I have already given a great deal of thought as to how I can improve my programme in terms of different features which can be added, themed shows and so on. People always seem to have enjoyed the show, but I definitely want to take it up a notch on this station and make it even better. I have some thoughts as to how I might do that.

The Music Machine will be broadcast live each Sunday at 5 PM UK which is a very good time slot. I would have loved to be back on Saturdays at 7 PM, but hey, you cannot have everything, and the time slot I have is probably the next best one, so I cannot complain in the slightest!

So, lots to look forward to there and to that end, I have a new microphone and audio sound mixer, both of which were very much needed. I haven't seen them yet but they have been delivered. I also have a new pair of speakers. Headphones are essential for broadcasting, but I do like to review a lot of my audio production work on speakers and I am sure these will be excellent. They haven't arrived yet though.

So, what else has been happening?

Staying with technology, L has got me back into playing games again. I've never been a brilliant game player in terms of achieving high scores, but I do enjoy some of them and have for a number of years. But I tend to go through phases of playing games and I am now, thanks to L, back in such a mood.

The game I am "addicted to" at the moment is called Super Egg Hunt from L-Works Games. You have to collect as many eggs as you can by placing each egg in the centre of the stereo field. Cleverly, different sounds indicate whether the egg is in front of you or behind you. There is a chicken which can be annoying and will reduce the level of time you have available together with disturbing your place on the grid through which you move with the four Arrow keys. You can also collect clocks to lengthen the time period you have to play with. The default is three minutes.

I am getting better at this game. I am not as good as L, but she has played it for years. But I am consistently getting scores in the range of 110 to 115 which is quite good for the time being. It is my first week!

But this has started me once again on a bit of a game quest. I used to play two games quite avidly, Troopanum and Pipe, from a company called Games for the Blind. I may well get licences for at least one of those at some stage and start playing them again.

Away from technology now, we went to L's parents on Monday for a "family get together" which was lovely. L's mother is a very good hostess, (I know where her daughter gets her skills from in that area), and it was good to meet up with the rest of her family. On Tuesday, L's sister Ellie and husband Steve came over to put together a desk, so we now have one each. The living area does look very nice now and there is plenty of room when I stay there for us both to work comfortably.

Wednesday it was back to work. If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen I've been to quite a few places, got caught up in a heavy pile of traffic on Thursday which wasn't good, and I am travelling back to L's today. The next two weeks look very busy in that regard too.

(Writing from the train to Cardiff).

Well this is good. It seems that the speakers have now arrived! That is great news.

Before closing this blog entry, I wanted to just write a paragraph about Bert.

Bert is, (or was), a cartoon-like character I invented to help produce radio promos and so on. However, in the past nine months or so he has taken on alife of his own with dramatic audio adventures, a blog and now, a private journal.

What amazes me is that people actually do follow the life of Bert and want to know what he is doing on a day-to-day basis, what his fears are, what makes him angry, about his family, etc. I can say that "Bert's Place" on our website gets hundreds of hits a week. People are interested. They tell us.

Why am I blogging about this? Because over this week we've made a start on re-designing the whole of Bert's place into something which is going to bee just so so cool. So if you do read or listen to his items, you are in for a bit of a surprise over the coming month or two I would think.

Books I am reading:
With L, I was reading one of the James Herriot books.
On my own, John Grisham's "The Chamber". I've read it a few times but it is one of my favourites by him.

Things I am looking forward to:
1. Right this second, I want a cup of tea and something to eat. Where is the trolley on the train when you need it! There's no shop on here as its one of these awful Welsh trains which stops at every conceivable place you can imagine.
2. The weekend. I am travelling to Wales as I write.
3. Seeing L.
4. Using the new audio equipment we have, I think that will make for a separate blog entry.

That's about all for now!