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LeaseyBite 33, More on LeaseyCuts and Leasey Changes

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

Welcome to another LeaseyBite, and thanks so much to everyone who has let us know that the leaseyBites are really helping you to learn about all the fantastic features we have available in the product.

By the time you hear this, we may have released the next version of Leasey, which is version 3.3 and the build number will be around 66 or 67.

This is the first of two LeaseyBites where I'm going to tell you about the changes in this new update.

The first thing to say is that Leasey is now compatible with JAWS version 2018. This is the brand new release of JAWS for Windows for this upcoming year. In order to install Leasey into JAWS 2018, you should not be tempted to use the migrate setting which is presented to you whenever you start JAWS for the first time. You will need to download the latest Leasey installer from our website as it contains important components necessary for Leasey to run using JAWS 2018.

We've made a small change to LeaseyAlerts, demonstrated in a previous LeaseyBite. When a LeaseyAlert is encountered on a webpage, you've always been able to control what happens at the point when the cursor is at the point on the page where the alert has been set. You used to press the leasey key followed by dash repeatedly to do that. You now, for LeaseyAlerts, press the Leasey key followed by shift dash. The former keystroke is used now exclusively for LeaseyPoints. In other words, we've separated out the behaviour between LeaseyPoints and LeaseyAlerts. This means that you could have JAWS read the current word only when a LeaseyPoint is accessed, but the whole line with a LeaseyAlert.

You can now insert the current time into any area by pressing the Leasey Key then Left Arrow. This was restricted to specific applications, but this wasn't particularly helpful to users of ElBraille as an example, so that restriction has been removed.

One of the major changes we've made relates to LeaseyCuts. As discussed previously, these allow you to save shortcuts pointing to folders, files and web pages for easy access.

When storing a LeaseyCut pointing to a file or folder, in addition to asking you for the proposed title, we confirm in an edit field the full path of the file or folder, in the event that Leasey has not captured it correctly. This would be a very unusual situation, but we do try to cover all eventualities. In 99 percent of cases, you can ignore this second screen and just press Enter again to save. However, if you do wish to change it, you can do that.

If you are storing a LeaseyCut pointing to a webpage, you will find two changes. First, they are browser specific, so if you have created the LeaseyCut within Google Chrome, that is the browser which will be used in the future to launch it. Many people do appreciate being able to work with specific sites with a particular browser.

You will also find that webpage LeaseyCuts are now in a separate list to those belonging to file and folder LeaseyCuts. This is to make them easier to find. After all, why would you want to hunt through all your file and folder LeaseyCuts when you know you want one pointing to a webpage? To access the list of LeaseyCuts for webpages, press the Leasey Key, followed by Control with Semicolon.

This applies for LeaseyCuts pointing to webpages you are storing as of the release of the new Leasey version. So what happens then if you have previously stored LeaseyCuts pointing to webpages in older versions? You will find them in the original list, accessed with Leasey Key followed by Control+L. Press enter on any one of those will move it to the new list for you and you will be advised of this.

Lets end this LeaseyBite on that point, and in the next one, we'll be entertaining you once again.

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