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News from Hartgen Consultancy.

Hi to all

This brief newsletter which we release from time to time just keeps you updated with what is happening at Hartgen Consultancy and when products are scheduled to be updated or released.

JAWS 2018.

According to VFO's excellent FSCast podcast, JAWS version 2018 is scheduled for release at some point next week.

J-Dictate and Other Tools.

Our J-Dictate product is already updated and available for download now to accommodate JAWS 2018. If you have kept your original purchase Email, containing the links to the J-Dictate product, you can go ahead and get the installer so you are all set for the JAWS 2018 official release.

J-Dictate in German is now almost complete and was recently demonstrated at a conference in Germany. We look forward to officially releasing it.

For those people who have in the past attended our training courses for GoldWave and Reaper, you will find that the necessary JAWS scripts used during the training have been updated for version 2018. And, if you use our free scripts for Sonos devices, they too have been updated.


The next version of Leasey should be available on the same day as JAWS 2018. This will enable you to install the product alongside JAWS 2018. In addition, you'll find the following new features:

  • Enhanced support for iTunes 12.7.
  • LeaseyRadio now contains full access to all the radio stations in the Shoutcast directory. In addition to you being able to listen to the existing radio stations Leasey has available, you can browse through, or search, thousands of radio stations which are part of Shoutcast's directory. Browse by category, or search for a radio station, musical artist or song title. If you search for a song, Leasey will bring back a list of all stations playing the track. As you browse through any station, for example by genre, Leasey will not only tell you the station name but also the song playing on the station. This gives you the opportunity of you being able to easily select something you'd like to hear. A LeaseyBite will be produced to demonstrate this feature.
  • LeaseyCuts have had many changes. Again, these changes will be demonstrated in a LeaseyBite. LeaseyCuts pointing to web pages are now in their own separate list for easier access, and they are browser specific. So if you create the LeaseyCut, and Firefox was running at the time, that is the browser which will be used to launch the site in the future. These days, people want to choose the browser to work with specific sites.
  • There are also other small features, all of which will become clear as we launch the Leasey update.

StationPlaylist Studio.

StationPlaylist Studio version 5.3 is soon to be released. We already have a comprehensive set of JAWS scripts to work with this version, including new features. These include accessibility improvements for version 5.3 itself. We'll publish the full list of changes and improvements on our website at the appropriate time, but the scripts will be available within a matter of hours following release of the product. These scripts have been tested in live broadcasting situations, voice-tracking environments and in 24-hour a day automation, all with truly excellent results.


For those who use our J-Say product, we expect version 16 to be available during early December as happened last year. In addition to being compatible with JAWS 2018, we have a number of new features planned for this product which we're very excited about.


Please don't forget to visit our Training page. This year we've delivered a number of online training classes, the archives of which can all still be purchased. Look through the list and see if there's anything you'd like to learn about.

We look forward to the coming months and continuing to deliver high quality products for users of JAWS! As you can tell, there's a lot going on!