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Leasey, Sale Prices Forever!

Since we launched Hartgen Consultancy in December 2014, we made a very public commitment. This was that we would do our very best to provide savings on products when we possibly could. We started by cutting £150 from the cost of our J-Say product, and since then, we have introduced low-cost training courses, created a relatively inexpensive voice dictation product called J-Dictate, and we will soon be launching a version of J-Dictate in German with J-Say to follow.

Now, it is Leasey's turn. We're so very glad that Leasey is being used by hundreds of people around the world; not just computer beginners but particularly people who consider themselves to be JAWS power users. Leasey not only provides JAWS users with many new features regularly, but also improves efficiency for all manner of tasks. More about that below.

As a company, we're now in a position to offer Leasey permanently at lower prices. We hope this means that even more people can get access to the many features she provides. We would very much like to thank all the people who have supported us to get the product off the ground, purchasing Leasey at its original price over the years, because this has made it possible for us to reduce the cost to the blindness community as a whole. The users who purchased Leasey at its opening prices have, we feel, been very well compensated, as no charges have been applied to upgrades, of which there have been many. Of course we would also like to thank our loyal beta testers, who invest hours of time each month to testing Leasey, suggesting improvements and providing other feedback. In summary, however you support us, especially through social media, we sincerely thank you. Launching a sustainable business, and product such as Leasey, is no easy task and we're very glad to receive the support that we do.

Now to the prices. The cost of Leasey Total Package is now £75 which is approximately 100 American dollars. The cost of Leasey Advanced is now £50 which is approximately 62 American dollars. The cost of multi-user Leasey versions have also been changed to reflect this.

Anyone who has purchased a product through LeaseyPlan, (where it was possible to buy the product over a number of months), should contact us so we can assist you in converting your authorisation to a full version.

In summary, we feel that Leasey is the ideal companion to JAWS. We remember the days when with each new JAWS release, there were so many new features to assist the average consumer. It was something to look forward to each year: a little like Christmas, where there was something new to unwrap. While the JAWS developers work very hard on each new major version change, they have their work cut out to keep pace with major Microsoft Office and Windows changes. If its features that you want, Leasey is the product you need. We produced a major update with many new features in July of this year, and we have another very significant update to come before the end of 2017, including enhanced support for the Google Chrome web browser, considerably enhanced radio directory, and much more. To be part of the new features when the next Leasey release hits the ground, be sure to get Leasey today to be in at the cutting edge!