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LeaseyBite 30, Backup and Restore

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

We're coming to the end of the current LeaseyBites series. But we have two short tutorials before I go.

In this LeaseyBite, I want to show you how you can backup your Leasey settings, either to your local computer's drive or to an external drive or folder.
I'll also tell you how to restore them as well.

Everything relating to backup and restore can be found in the leasey backup and restore manager. To get there, press the Leasey Key then Control+Shift+B.

There are five choices.
Inherit Settings From an Alternative JAWS Version.
This will allow you to import any Leasey settings from an earlier JAWS version to a newer one, or the reverse should you really wish to do that.
You would first ensure that the JAWS version you wish to install your settings into is running.
Install Leasey and activate it.
Go to the Backup and Restore Manager and select the first option.
Now, select the JAWS version containing the earlier settings.
Press Enter and your settings will be imported together with any other custom scripts which you have. JAWS will then be restarted automatically. Note that Leasey is clever enough to exclude certain files, such as those which have come from an earlier copy of Leasey, so it will not spoil a newer version.

Lets explore the other options then in the Backup and Restore Manager.

Backup Leasey settings to drive C.
This option will take a backup of all your Leasey settings and place them on the C drive of your computer in a folder entitled "LeaseyData". It can be used alongside the next option to restore settings at a later date.

Restore Leasey settings from drive C.
When JAWS has been repaired, simply reinstall Leasey and then use this utility to ensure that all your Leasey settings were available to you.

Backup Leasey settings to an external drive or Folder.
If you wish to install Leasey onto two computers, or you would like to keep a backup copy of all your Leasey settings on an external drive or in a folder, you would use this option together with the next one in the Manager.
If this option is selected, you are asked for the drive letter where the external source is located. This could be a network location or perhaps a USB Flash Drive. Simply type the letter by itself, such as "I", to represent drive "I". Then press Enter.
If you prefer, you can also specify the full path of a folder, such as "e:\my files" or "d:\dropbox\My Files".
If you have previously made a backup using this method, you will notice that the Edit Field in focus contains the full path to the folder you used. For example, if you had backed up your settings to a Dropbox folder, this location is placed there. You can simply then press Enter so as to backup to that location without having to keep typing the path again. Press Enter when you are ready to proceed.
A backup copy is made of all your Leasey settings.

Restore Leasey settings from an external drive or Folder.
Assuming you have made a backup of your settings using the above option, this will copy all the relevant settings and documents into their respective folders
If you were installing Leasey onto a second computer, and you wish to have all your settings available, you would:
1. Install JAWS onto the second computer.
2. Install Leasey as directed in the relevant section of this User Guide.
3. When the computer is restarted, Leasey will be activated.
4. Ensure the external source or drive is connected to the computer.
5. Press the Leasey key then Control+Shift+B.
6. Select the option "Restore Leasey settings from an external drive". Press Enter.
7. Type the drive letter, such as "I" by itself, and press Enter.
8. If you prefer, you can also specify the full path of a folder, such as "e:\my files".
After a short pause, all your Leasey settings will be available. You will be advised when the process is complete.

take your Leasey settings anywhere, or keep them safe, with the Backup and Restore Manager.

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