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The Bear's Lair Later Today!

Hi, Everyone.

I'm Lulu Wells, and I'd like to invite you to drop into my place, commonly
known as The Bear's Lair, tomorrow, and every Friday at 1300 UTC, 9 AM
Eastern, 8 AM Central, 6 AM Pacific, or 2 PM UK, only on The Global Voice.

I'll play you a variety of good mood music, ranging from oldies to great
tracks from today, with lots of room for your requests. I also have a
couple of great features, which you won't want to miss. This week, in my
Crank it Up corner, where I play two songs that you have to play as loud as
possible, we go back to the eighties for those turn it up tunes. In The
love zone, which happens during the second hour, you are going to want to
take time to relax and listen. That was a clue!

Getting in touch with the show is really easy, either Email while I'm on air, or tweet me any time,
@lulu_bear is the user name. I look forward to having your company, Friday,
1300 UTC for The Bear's Lair, on The Global Voice.