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Leasey 3.3 Release Notes.

Leasey version 3.3 will be released tomorrow. This is by far one of the most significant updates we have made for a long time. Here are the new features in brief.

This version contains many new features and improvements. For further information, please refer to our documentation.

New in LeaseySearch:

iTunes. Search for an item, preview results from within the JAWS Results Viewer, and get new releases. When the audio sample of a song is playing, pause, stop, play and adjust the volume with keystrokes. All this is done without iTunes needing to run.

News. Search in over 30 sources including:
BBC Sport
Business Insider
Business Insider UK
Daily Mail
entertainment Weekly
Financial Times
Fox Sports
Google News
MTV News
National Geographic
New Scientist
and many more.

Highly configurable Weather app. Providing more than just the weather, our new app gives you the local time of the place you are searching. It also gives Temperatures, wind speed, humidity, "feels like", maximum and minimum temperatures, and current forecast. Temperatures and Kilometres/miles per hour formats are controlled by the user.
Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset times are given if desired. You can also search for place names or type, "Nearby", and Leasey will attempt to determine your current location.
Seven day forecast included.
Recent searches included.

Oxford Dictionaries. Learn definitions of words.

Ultimate Music Database. Search for a song to find its chart position or recall a UK or US chart from 1940 to the present.

Just Watch. Search for TV shows or movies available on a number of platforms.

Refinements have also been made to existing LeaseySearches, including the ability to bring into view most recent items you have searched for.

Other new features include:

LeaseyNotes, create a note from anywhere and file it under a category.

New radio stations added to LeaseyRadio.

Support for tinySpell.

A list of recently opened documents in Microsoft word.

Return to last visited page in Microsoft Word documents.

Leasey always unmutes audio of primary sound source at startup, or it can be achieved using a keystroke and the volume set to a moderate level if things go wrong.

Easy to find keystrokes exist to hear the time, hear the time including seconds, hear the date, insert the time or insert the date.

LeaseyBites can be downloaded or listened to via Hotkey Help menu item, controlled through an easy to use interface.

Optional announcement is given as to the latest LeaseyBite available, disabled by default.

Custom Web Text can be added to web pages or domains to create your own notes.

Compatibility now exists for StationPlaylist Studio scripts so they can be used at the same time as Leasey. Be sure to read the documentation on this point.

If you wish, the Skype scripts from Doug Lee can now be installed alongside Leasey.

Applying LeaseyTags to files in very long folder paths caused some problems. This is now resolved.

New Update facility included.

For those using Zoom conferencing, ALT+Windows+S enables and disables alerts from being spoken even if you are not in the app.

When backing up files to a folder, such as Dropbox, Leasey remembers the last one you used, thus ensuring you do not need to type the path again.

Hotkey Help for Leasey completely redesigned.

New sections in Hotkey Help include a list of new keystrokes for this version and a link to all keystrokes in HTML format.

Documentation now considerably expanded and revised.

If opening links from JAWS Research It or LeaseyNews within the Results Viewer, Leasey uses your default browser for viewing full stories, such as Google Chrome, rather than Internet Explorer.