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Free Basic Scripts for the Zoom Conferencing Platform

These scripts for JAWS versions 14 onwards offer some functionality to support the Zoom conferencing software. They are not essential for using Zoom as the company have implemented accessibility to a high level. These scripts were developed for our own use and are delivered without any form of technical support. If they work for you, we very much hope you benefit from using them.

The scripts enhance the experience in a number of ways:

  • When scheduling a meeting, or creating a new one, the dialog box controls are somewhat easier to comprehend.
  • When in a meeting, press ALT+Windows+s to enable or disable the announcement of Alerts, such as when someone has left the meeting room. Note that with the free scripts alerts are only suppressed from within the Zoom client at this time. If you have our Leasey product, alerts will be suppressed globally.
  • Regardless of this, press ALT+Windows+A to hear the last alert, even if it was not spoken. This should enable you, for example, to ascertain whether someone has entered the room, but you are in control of that output. There is scope for refining which kind of alerts get spoken, but we're pretty sure the Zoom team will develop this functionality over time so these scripts will have a short shelf-life.
  • Press Insert+Tab to verify whether alerts are enabled or disabled.
  • ALT+R should report whether recording is enabled or not.
  • Regardless of the alert setting, ALT+A reports whether the audio is muted or unmuted.

For a comprehensive audio book on using the zoom client please visit this page.

To download the script installer please activate this link.