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LeaseyBite 19, LeaseyRadio

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

As we draw closer to the release of Leasey version 3.3, it's time to celebrate with some more entertainment. The next two LeaseyBites, 19 and 20, will help us to do just that.
First, lets take a look at LeaseyRadio.

LeaseyRadio makes it possible for you to listen to radio stations from around the world, provided they are broadcast on the internet. Thousands of radio stations exist playing a wide variety of music covering many genres. Speech content is also very popular for news, sport and discussion of current affairs.

When compiling our LeaseyRadio directory, we have chosen what we feel are some of the most popular and high quality music and speech radio stations covering ten specific genres. You can listen to any station of your choosing, add it to a list of favourites so as to hear it again, or assign it to one of the ten presets which can be accessed from any application. Listening to your favourite station could not be easier!

To hear the stations in LeaseyRadio, we recommend that you use one of two audio players: Winamp, which happens to be my favourite, or Foobar 2000. The cool thing about using Foobar is that we have a number of global hot keys to control it, which can be used from within any application. You can find a complete list of these in the Leasey help system or in the documentation.

The easiest way to enter LeaseyRadio is to press the Leasey Key then letter "R".

The LeaseyRadio menu contains 14 items:
Listen to the Most Recent Station You Were Hearing. As the name suggests, pressing Enter to select this option will begin playing the station you last heard. You will hear the announcement, “Connecting to”, followed by the station name.
Next follows the ten categories of radio stations. These are: BBC, classical, country, Dance and Electronic, Oldies, Pop, Praise and Worship, Smooth, Soul/R&B, and Variety.
Below the 10 categories you will find an option to add the currently playing station to your LeaseyRadio Favourites. You can store as many favourite stations as you like.
The next item in the menu allows you to View your LeaseyRadio Favourites. Pressing Enter here will take you into a list of the stations stored in your Favourites. Press Enter on any one of the station names in order to listen to it. You will hear the announcement, “Connecting to”, followed by the station name.
The final choice in the menu is Delete a LeaseyRadio Favourite. Pressing Enter will again take you into a list of stations you have stored as Favourites. However, this time, pressing Enter on a station name will cause it to be removed from the list. If this has been done in error, please don’t worry. You can always relocate the station again from the category in which it was originally found and add it to your favourites once more.

If you press Enter on any one of the 10 LeaseyRadio categories, you will be able to view a list of all the stations contained within it. Press the Up or Down Arrow keys to move through the stations, or type the first letter of the one you are looking for.

When you find the station you wish to hear, simply press Enter to begin listening to it. You will hear the announcement, “Connecting to”, followed by the station name.

When listening to a radio station, the following keystrokes can be used from within any application. Wherever you are working on your computer, (assuming Foobar2000 is installed) you can hear the radio and change station at any time.

Hold down all three keys to the left of the space Bar, (that is the ALT Key, Control Key and the Windows Key), and, while doing so, press:
F12 to increase the volume.
F11 to decrease the volume.
P to pause audio playback.
S to stop audio playback.

I'll select the BBC and Public Radio category, and choose BBC Radio 3 as my listening pleasure.

I will add this one to my LeaseyRadio Favourites. To do that, we'll go back into the LeaseyRadio menu, and select to add it to our favourites.

I'll now close down my audio player, go back into the LeaseyRadio menu, and select my LeaseyRadio favourites.

You'll notice I have one item in there, BBC Radio 3. I'll press Enter to listen to it.

While it is true that you can store as many LeaseyRadio Favourites as you like, there will be stations that you would like to hear more frequently. To this end, you can set up to 10 presets which will allow you to quickly start playing 10 stations of your choice from within any program, without having to work through the menu system.

Choose a station from any one of the 10 LeaseyRadio categories.
When the station begins to play, you may care to reduce the volume slightly or stop the playback by pressing ALT+Control+Windows Key+S. Then you can hear the speech a little more clearly.
Press the Leasey Key then Windows+Dash. The LeaseyRadio Preset Dialog Box appears.
When prompted to do so, please type a value between 1 and 0 to assign the station to a preset between 1 and 10.
Press Enter to save the preset. You will be advised that the station has now been assigned to the chosen preset. Note that if a station has already been previously assigned, a Dialog box will appear, reminding you of the existing station name. Leasey will ask you if you would like to replace the previously stored station with the new one. Press the letter “Y” for yes or “N” for no as appropriate. If you have chosen to replace it, you will be advised that the new station has been assigned to the preset. If "no" was chosen instead, the previously stored station name will be announced as still being assigned to the preset.

To access any of the 10 presets directly, press the Leasey Key followed by Windows+1 through to Windows+0, with Windows+1 representing preset number 1 and Windows+0 representing preset number 10. Simply press any one of the preset keystrokes to begin playing the assigned station. You will hear the announcement, “Connecting to”, followed by the station name.

When a station is assigned to a preset, it is also added to your LeaseyRadio Favourites list, so it can be accessed from there if desired.

The LeaseyRadio application is being constantly updated.
We have provided 10 global keystrokes so you can access 10 radio stations we think you may like to listen to.
We change these stations periodically.
Feel free at any time to try each of the LeaseyRadio top 10 keystrokes to hear which stations we have chosen. Remember that, when LeaseyRadio connects to a station, you hear its title as it is being launched.

To access any one of the LeaseyRadio top 10 keystrokes, press the Leasey Key, then ALT+1 through to ALT+0.

So, what's next for LeaseyRadio? We've often been asked, can we add a particular station to LeaseyRadio? We're very glad you're enjoying using it. There is a large project in the works at the moment which will give you access to over 50,000 stations. You'll be able to search by station name, genre, get the most popular stations or even type in a song title to see if a station is playing it. The work involved in getting this into a format which meets our standards is considerable. But certainly it will be available later this year, so something to look forward to. Meanwhile, keep tuned in, and remember, that video did not kill the radio star.

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