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LeaseyBite 15, Help, Help!

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

We really need to think about something. How are we going to remember all of these keystrokes we've been working through? There are also plenty more of them to come, so we need an easy way to refer to them.
Fortunately, help is at hand.

To get a definitive list of keystrokes, you can press the Leasey Key then "H" for "Help".

If you are in an environment where there are specific Leasey keystrokes you can use for the application, the help which is provided relates to it. So we've recently been working in Microsoft Word. If I press the Leasey Key then H here, I'll receive keystrokes I am likely to use in the program. These include the keystroke to bring into view a list of recent documents, to change capitalisation, to gain a word count, and more.

As well as giving the individual keystroke, pressing Enter on any item will carry it out for you, so you don't need to remember it.

If we decide that we do not wish to view keystrokes relating to the application, we can press Escape.
Focus is now in the list of primary keystroke categories. These are very short category descriptions so you can use first letter navigation to get to where you need to be.

Let us assume we would like to copy some text to LeaseyClip 5, but we cannot remember the keystroke to do it. First, find the LeaseyClip category in the help system, and press Enter to move into it. The category name is "Clips", so I will press letter "C" to reach it.

Find the keystroke to copy text to LeaseyClip 5. Just press the Down Arrow key to reach it. Try to remember the keystroke so you can do this more easily next time.

For now however, we will press Enter on the item, and you will hear that the LeaseyClip has been copied.

If we go back to the help system with the Leasey Key then H, you will see that we immediately return to the LeaseyClips category because that was the last area we accessed. Not only that, but we're on LeaseyClip 5, because that was the last item used.
So if you wanted to copy text to another LeaseyClip from here, you could do it quite easily.
If you wanted to copy your next text segment to LeaseyClip 6, all you need do is press Down Arrow once, then Enter.

But we want to return to the list of categories, so press Escape.
We have not returned to the top of the category list. The LeaseyClips category was the last one we accessed, so that's where our focus is.

The help system is designed to:
Remind you of keystrokes;
Allow you to carry out actions without remembering what the keystrokes are, and
Make it easy for you to find things.

If we browse the main category list, you will find some useful items at the end of it.
These include a link to read the full Leasey documentation, get remote support if you are having a problem, listen to these LeaseyBites through our special interface for doing so, (we'll discuss that in a moment or two), visit our company's training area, and, most important of all, check for updates, a subject we'll return to later.

Over time, you may want to hear or read the LeaseyBites again, perhaps to refresh your memory of a topic we've covered. When we release a new Leasey update containing a feature which needs explaining, we'll do it in a LeaseyBite. We have a special interface for handling LeaseyBites, so we'll look at it now.

When JAWS is started each time, there is a way by which it can be set to announce the last LeaseyBite available. This is a discrete message and is disabled by default. Many Leasey features are set this way, so you decide whether you wish to enable them.
This feature is toggled on and off by pressing the Leasey Key followed by ALT+Windows+B.

However as we've discovered, the LeaseyBites option is at the bottom of the main list of help categories.

If you press Enter on the option, you will be asked whether you would like to read text transcripts or listen to the audio. We'll choose to listen to audio by selecting the option from the list and press Enter.

You now have a list of all the LeaseyBites available. When we produce a new one, you do not need a Leasey update for this to be reflected in the list. It is updated in real time, so if there's something new to tell you about, you will see it there right away. Arrow down to the LeaseyBite you want, and press Enter.
If the LeaseyBite is on your computer already, in other words if you have previously downloaded it, she'll begin playing it in your default media player. If it isn't, Leasey will download it. I'll press Enter on one of the LeaseyBites to download it.

Of course the LeaseyBite audio content will take a little time to download, but you will know it is complete because a Dialog Box will appear, advising you that it has been downloaded, and asking if you would like to listen to it. If you do, press the letter "Y" for "yes". If not, press letter "N". You can always play it at a more convenient time by revisiting the LeaseyBites menu item.

Leasey wants you to grow in confidence. As we've heard in this LeaseyBite, she's giving us a helping hand.

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