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Nervous? Me?

Hi, Everyone.

This has been an eventful week, and as we head into the Easter break, life should certainly not be boring! My sister has traveled down from Norfolk to spend time with us over the holidays. I got to see her on Tuesday, and we had a hectic day, shopping and trying on clothes, talking a lot and doing the things sisters do. I was exhausted all of yesterday, but gosh, it was worth it!

B got home yesterday evening, and it is always wonderful to have him back after being away. We had lots to catch up on, and he got to see the gift he had bought me for the first time. It is a funny thing, when you buy something online, you take a leap of faith, especially when it is something as special and personal as an eternity ring. We chose the ring together, but neither of us had ever touched it, we chose it by reading reviews, and by its description, and by what I know about jewellery. Anyway, it arrived Tuesday morning, and it is absolutely stunning. 3 beautiful rubies which look red, not pink or so dark they are almost black, complemented by tiny diamonds that look like a wave, and sparkle beautifully. I was just overjoyed with it, and everyone who has seen it loves it. Luckily when B saw it he loved it too, so our leap of faith paid off, and I can't thank B enough for such a special Easter gift.

Today has been fairly quiet, with us both relaxing, but my stomach has been full of butterflies for a lot of the time, because tomorrow my radio show The Bear's Lair is set to debut on The Global Voice. Yes, I know, I have done umpteen Bear's Lairs, in two different places, and this is only a two hour version when I am used to doing three hours, but this is a whole new ball game of a station, and wherever I broadcast, I want to do a good job. Lots of things are different, including the kind of server I am using, but it is going to be ok. I am looking forward to being back on air tomorrow. If you would like to know more, there is a longer description of the show and much more information which you can find by returning to our home page.

Life is odd. You can't plan it really, or at least I can't plan mine. I thought I would never do this again, but the bug, or something gave me a nudge, and here I am again, part of me saying yay! Back on air again, and part of me saying god! What am I doing this for, I can't do this! The same old mixture of excitement and butterflies, and rather more butterflies this time, as this station is still a very unknown quantity to me. Ah well, all I can do is what I always do. Promote it as well as I can, do the best job I can, and leave the rest in the hands of God. I hope I may see you tomorrow on the big, squashy sofa. 1300 UTC, 2 PM UK, 9 AM Eastern.

Book I am reading: The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood.

Things I am looking forward to: Easter eggs, I know I have one coming from Mum.
Seeing family over the holidays.
Dinner! I'm starved!

Thanks for reading, and Bye for now!