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LeaseyBite 7, LeaseyTexts

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

I think we've been having far too much fun with LeaseySearch, so lets get back to work shall we? But work tasks do not need to be complicated which is where LeaseyTexts come into play.

A LeaseyText allows you to reproduce a block of text with the minimum of Keystrokes. You will find yourself typing far less text than you used to do before!
A LeaseyText could consist of a short sentence; however it could be a novel or at least a number of paragraphs. If paragraphs are created including blank lines to divide them, they are preserved as part of the LeaseyText.

For example, one of the most common uses for a LeaseyText would be to reproduce text which would terminate a letter or email message, such as a signature. Your LeaseyText may consist of the words “Yours sincerely”, followed by five blank lines, then your name. Recalling a LeaseyText can be achieved by bringing it into a list for easy selection and pasting into a text editable area.

But people use LeaseyTexts in a variety of different ways, to reproduce telephone numbers, addresses, product serial numbers, shopping lists and so much more.

Lets compose our first LeaseyText. I've launched Notepad, but the application is irrelevant. Provided you can type text into it, that is all you need.

I'm going to follow our example by typing Yours Sincerely, then press Enter to create five blank lines, then my name, Brian Hartgen.

Next, we need to select all the text by pressing Control+A, and then copy it to the Windows Clipboard with control+C.

The next step is to press the Leasey Key then "T" for Text.

You are asked for a name for the LeaseyText. Remember that this is going to appear in our list of LeaseyTexts, so think of something memoreable, such as the word Signature. Type it in and press Enter.

You will notice that JAWS spoke a message about creating an abbreviation. You can create your own form of shorthand so you only need type a few characters on the keyboard so as to reproduce the text in the future. The characters "SIG" may be a good example. You need not enter the list of LeaseyTexts if you do not wish to do so. We'll learn about Abbreviations later. For now, all we are interested in doing is to reproduce our signature in a place where conceivably it may be used.

I'm now in a Microsoft Outlook Email message which I am composing. I've typed the body of the message, (what I would like to write to someone), and I'm going to reproduce my signature. Of course using this method, it would be very easy to have multiple signatures, one of which you can insert depending upon the context of the message. We only have one though.

To retrieve your list of LeaseyTexts, press the Leasey Key then L.

Use first letter navigation to move to the LeaseyText you want to reproduce or press the Up and Down Arrow keys.

Press Enter on the list item, and the text is instantly reproduced.
The cursor is at the end of the text.

At a later date, we might change our mind as to the content of the LeaseyText. For example, it would be good to add the company name to the signature. The good news is that you can edit the LeaseyTexts you have. Press the Leasey Key then the letter "E".

Pressing Enter on a list item will not reproduce it this time. Instead, you are editing the content. Change the text or add something new, and press Control+S to save it.
Press ALT+F4 to close the window.
Next time you reproduce it, the new text will be inserted.

Deleting a LeaseyText is simply accomplished by bringing the list into view with the Leasey Key followed by letter "L", focusing on the item to be removed, and pressing the Leasey Key and then the Delete key.

There is one other useful item to show you. You'll recall in our list of LeaseyTexts we have an item entitled "Shopping". This is a list of grocery items we might purchase week by week. When on our favourite Grocery website, we can recall this shopping list at any time. We do that vy pressing the Leasey Key followed by letter "V".

This brings into view our list of LeaseyTexts. Select the shopping item and press Enter.
Grocery items I need to buy.Milk.
Press Escape to close this message

We're now reading the text. We haven't inserted it anywhere and we are not editing it.

Lets move to the top and move through it line by line.

Having read that we need milk, we can press the Escape key, purchase the item, and return to our shopping list by pressing the Leasey Key then ALT+V. Notice that the cursor is in the place where we left it, so you press down Arrow to read the next item to buy.
Continue repeating the process.

Make Leasey take the strain out of writing lots of text. Believe me, she can do it.

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