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LeaseyBite 5, The Weather, The Chart and Audible Books

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

I'm really fond of radio history, and one of my favourite radio anecdotes relates to a weather forecast which was reported in this way. We are unable to bring you the weather forecast for today. We rely on the airport to provide the weather information which is closed because of the weather. Whether we are able to bring you the weather tomorrow will depend on, the weather!

Lots of people like to know what the temperature is going to be, not only for the current day, but perhaps for the week ahead. That's what the Weather app in LeaseySearch can do. We'll launch it now by pressing the Leasey Key then Control+Shift+S.
Because I can use first letter navigation in LeaseySearch to find the tool I need, I can press the letter "W" for Weather.
We then press enter.

As prompted, you can search by typing a city or town name, postal or zip code. Again, we have a list of recent searches in the event you've obtained the weather from several locations.
I will type Dublin into the Edit Field and press Enter.

We're told that the results are ready and as you heard, it took very little time. Lets now read the results.

Location is Dublin.
Region is "Dublin.
Country is "Ireland.
Local date and time: 2 July 2017 16:16.
The temperature is 18.0C which is 64.4F.
Current weather Summary: Partly cloudy.
Wind MPH is 13.6.
Wind KPH is 22.0.
Humidity is 64.
Feels like 18.0C which is 64.4F.
The maximum temperature so far is 18.4C which is 65.1F.
The minimum temperature so far is: 11.6C which is 52.9F.
The forecast is Overcast.
Sunrise: 5:02 AM.
Sunset: 09:56 PM.
Moonrise: 03:12 PM.
Moonset: 01:46 AM".

Weather Summary for 3 July 2017.
The maximum temperature will be 16.8C which is 62.2F.
The minimum temperature will be 10.4C which is 50.7F.
The forecast for this day is Light rain shower.

You receive similar text summaries for the rest of the week.

We could press Escape to exit this screen, but I would like to show you a few other options.

There are two Links at the bottom of the screen. "Search for a Place Name" and "Configure the Weather".
To follow our example, there may be different districts of Dublin for which you would like to obtain a weather forecast. But you just don't know what is available in LeaseySearch.
So, activate this Link, and you'll be invited to search for a place name.

Type the first few letters of what you are looking for and press Enter.
I'll type "dubl" and press enter.

We now have a list of possible choices. Press Enter on the appropriate one to read the results.

Your choice is also saved to the recent searches.

Note also that it is giving the local time for the area. So if you were not interested in a weather forecast particularly, but you wanted to know what the local time was, then you could just use it for that.

The other Link, "Configure the Weather", allows you to have a lot of control over the output of the forecast. for example, you can select whether you wish to have celsius, farenheight, or both as reported temperatures. You can choose the wind speed to be shown in miles per hour, kilometres per hour, and so on.

I'll press Escape at this point to exit the weather.

Some LeaseySearches require you to interact with a series of screens to give Leasey the information she needs in order to do a thorough search. The Ultimate Music Database searches are a case in point. We have two such search tools.

In the first, you can enter details of a song or album you want to know more about, or alternatively, enter a group or artist name to retrieve their entire discography. In the second, if you are interested in a specific music chart, you can search for that too. Maybe you want to know the song that was at the top of the chart when you were born.

Within LeaseySearch, I can type letter "U" to move to the Ultimate Music database, and press Enter.

The first field prompts you for the details of the search. I will search for the song "Everlasting Love". Press Enter to move to the next screen.

Next, Leasey wants to know whether this is an album or single. Alternatively, you can specify a group or artist. Press down Arrow to move to the appropriate option, and again, press enter.

After a short pause, we're focused on the results. Because these results are in a table, we'll use the JAWS table navigation keys to move through the columns and rows. These are ALT+Control Up, Down, Left and Right Arrows. Pressing ALT+Control+Down Arrow should move to the row we want.
Pressing ALT+Control+Right Arrow should not only read the information in the table cell, but JAWS has been instructed to read the column header as well so the table makes sense to us.

Having retrieved our information, I will press ALT+F4 to exit this screen.

Finally for today, I want to find a good book to read, so we'll use the Audible search tool.

Having launch LeaseySearch, I will press the letter "A" to reach Audible. I could of course press Down Arrow if I chose to.
I will press Enter now.

As with the previous tools, I type in my search criteria and press enter. I will type the author name Jilly Cooper. Leasey knows the country in which I live, so she'll take me to the correct page on the Audible website so I can purchase my book.

After a short pause, I have the results available. There's a particular reason why I am demonstrating the Audible search. Each time I press the letter G, I can move forward through the results if I do not wish to continually press Down Arrow. When a book of interest is reached, a person who did not have Leasey installed would need to press Enter to open a page, and when it had loaded, locate the book synopsis. We can just press the Leasey Key then ALT+Control+S, thereby not disturbing our position in the search results.

The summary is available to us which we can read with the Arrow keys. To dismiss the summary, press Escape, whereupon you return to the list of results.

As I said before, Leasey is smart as she can even search iTunes. That's the subject of LeaseyBite number 6.

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