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LeaseyBite 4, Overview of LeaseySearch, Google and News

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

One of the fantastic aspects of the internet is that we have access to so much information. Finding what you want quickly however isn't always easy. Even if your web browsing skills are second to none, it helps to have some search tools at your fingertips. LeaseySearch could be the answer, and during LeaseyBites 4, 5 and 6, I'm going to demonstrate just some of the power available to you.

LeaseySearch is a powerful tool which allows you to find information from a variety of online sources including search engines and online library catalogues, to name but two major areas.

While LeaseySearch can be used by computer beginners, if you are an Advanced user you will find it particularly powerful, since searches can be made irrespective of the application in which you are working.

You bring the LeaseySearch tool into view by pressing the Leasey key, (remember that's the Grave Accent key), then Control+Shift+S.

As you heard, currently there are 20 items in LeaseySearch, some of them are new in the upcoming release of the product. Lets go through each of them briefly and then I'll begin demonstrating just some of them.

The options are:
Google. Allows you to use the Google search engine in a convenient way.
News. lets you Read the news compiled from news sources from around the world, including current affairs, sport and entertainment.
Weather. This is a new feature, giving you weather details from anywhere in the world. It's lightening fast, and it even gives you a seven-day forecast.
Amazon. You can search for a product not only by department but it is relative to your country.
iTunes. New to version 3.3, this makes it possible to search on iTunes even if iTunes is not running or even installed. You can also get new music, film and TV releases this way.
Ultimate Music Database. Search the history of popular music in the UK and US, or request a music chart by date.
EBay. This is similar to the amazon search, in that you can select to search by category and it is local to your country.

Now we come to two reference tools. These are Wikipedia for viewing encyclopaedia entries and the Oxford Dictionary, for quickly locating the meanings of words.
YouTube. This not only allows you to search for online videos but you can play them and manipulate the video with keystrokes.
Just Watch. Search for any movie or TV programme which can be legally streamed from a variety of sources, including Sky, the BBC iPlayer, iTunes or Netflix. Again, this is country specific.

For lovers of books, we have a number of sources for you. With Goodreads, you can read book reviews and post details of the books you've read. Searches are made by book author, title, genre or by Goodreads username.

You can then search by a number of book libraries including,, Bookshare, the RNIB Overdrive library in the UK, the National Library Service in the US, together with libraries in australia and Canada.

So that's a very good overview of LeaseySearch. Lets start at the very beginning. Why would you want to do a Google search using this method when Google is so accessible?

Ordinarily, one way of carrying out such a search would be to open up a web browser, launch Google, find the edit field into which the search should be entered, possibly activate the jaws forms mode, type in what you want, press enter, and then locate where the results start. Believe me when I say that some people may find even that quite daunting. With LeaseySearch, we can:
Press the Leasey Key followed by Control+Shift+S.
Locate Google which is the first item.
Press enter.
Type in the search term. Notice you can recall the items you've recently searched for. When you view your recent items, they do not pertain to all the tools in LeaseySearch. You only see the list of items you've searched for relative to the part of LeaseySearch you are working with. In this case, that is Google.
But we will type in a search term now, which is dog food. Then, press Enter.
The web page will load and notice, you are now at the first result, ready to navigate through the results by pressing the letter H to move by heading.

While it was extremely easy to carry out a search using Google, we're using the conventional Google web page by which you will navigate the results. That is not always the case. For example, if we select the second item in LeaseySearch, News, that is a specially designed interface. I'll press Enter on that item.

You are now presented with a list of news sources. There are over 30 at present. Simply press Down Arrow to reach the one you want and then press Enter.
I'll select "BBC Sport".

We now have a screen containing the titles of news items. Each one is hyperlinked, so we can press Enter on it to read the news story in full. Below each Link is a brief description of the news story.

I'll press Enter on one of these items to read it.

I'll now press "H" to move through the Headings, and Down Arrow to read the news story.

Having read the story in full, I'll press ALT+F4, so as to return to my list of news stories. If you have finished, press Escape to cancel.

Well I've read the news to you, I should give you a weather report. But you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that.

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