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LeaseyBite 3, LeaseyClips

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

During the previous LeaseyBite, we learned the keystroke for listening to the text which is on the Windows Clipboard, Leasey Key followed by "X", a very useful feature. But the Windows Clipboard has limitations. As soon as you copy more text to it, the original text is overwritten. Also, you cannot paste previously copied text segments into another application in the order of your choosing.

There are utilities which allow you to copy multiple text segments to the Clipboard, and even place them into a virtual environment for later reading or copying. But copying individual parts of the text for pasting in a different sequence is both time consuming and again, requires the clipboard to be overwritten. Meet LeaseyClips, which solve all of these problems.

Up to 12 LeaseyClips are available. So you can copy up to 12 text segments if you wish, and paste them in any order at a later date. Even if you restart the computer, the LeaseyClips previously stored are available until you overwrite them.

If you have temporarily forgotten the text associated with each LeaseyClip, you can have it spoken back to you. And if you really want to, you can delete text from any of the 12 LeaseyClips.

Lets run through the keystrokes. Leasey key then f1 through to f12 will copy selected text to the chosen LeaseyClip. That is logical.
Leasey Key then Shift+F1 through to Shift+F12 will paste the LeaseyClips.
Leasey Key then Control+F1 through to Control+F12 will speak the LeaseyClips.
And finally, Leasey Key then ALT+F1 through to ALT+F12 will delete the LeaseyClips.

There are lots of practical examples as to how you might use LeaseyClips. Maybe you want to copy information from three different websites to send to someone in an email. Perhaps there are five website addresses you would like to pass onto friends as you think they might be useful to them. I'm sure you can think of many examples specific to how you use the computer.

I consider myself to be an advanced JAWS user. Even so, I love LeaseyClips. I use them for many different tasks every day, and I will show you one now.

For the internet radio station we own, most days I need to copy text from different documents and paste them into a spreadsheet. I need the song titles and the corresponding artists. It's essential to the running of this station and it must be done accurately. LeaseyClips significantly reduces the time taken for the form filling process. First, I'll show you how it works in detail, and then show you how much time they save.

I have the document available containing the song information, and if I press ALT+Tab, here is the spreadsheet in which I must insert the data.
From the document, I will select the text for the artist name, and copy it to a LeaseyClip by pressing the Leasey Key then F1. Notice that an Edit Field appears. This Edit Field contains the text I have just copied. So if by some chance you wish to change it, you can do it here and press Enter to save. The appearance of the Edit Field can be turned off by pressing ALT+Control+Windows+Semicolon. If you are very proficient at using JAWS, this intervening Edit Field will slow you down. But if you are less experienced, this feature could be reassuring.

Now I will repeat the procedure by selecting the song title, and I will assign this to LeaseyClip 2 by pressing the Leasey Key followed by F2. Because the Edit Field has appeared containing the text, I will just press Enter to save.

I now have my two LeaseyClips. The song artist is on Clip 1 and the song title on Clip 2. But this spreadsheet requires that you enter the song title first.

Having focused on the spreadsheet, I am in the column for the song title. I will therefore press the Leasey Key followed by Shift+F2 to paste it.

Lets now focus on the column for the song artist by pressing Right Arrow. This time, I will press the Leasey Key followed by Shift+F1 to paste it.

All I need to do then is focus back on my document and keep repeating the procedure.

Anyone who didn't have Leasey would have to select the text for the song, copy it to the Clipboard, focus on the spreadsheet, paste it, focus back to the document, select the artist, copy it to the Clipboard, go back to the spreadsheet and paste. LeaseyClips reduce the keystrokes required considerably.

Lets press the keystroke ALT+Control+Windows+Semicolon, so as to dismiss the Edit Field which appears when a LeaseyClip is created.
JAWS advises that this feature is disabled. It's a toggle action and will always be remembered. Just set it and forget it.

Now, I will work through a few of these song titles and artists, showing you how quickly you can go.

Leasey, making you more productive and saving you time.

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