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LeaseyBite 2, Text Selection

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

As a trainer of assistive technology now for over 20 years, I know that selecting or highlighting text within Windows can be troublesome. It shouldn't be, because selecting text is necessary for format manipulation, cutting or copying text to the Windows Clipboard or manipulating it in some other way.

Typically, you need to hold down the Shift Key on the keyboard while pressing other keys, such as Down Arrow to select the next line, or Control+Down Arrow to select the next paragraph. So, if you want to select 50 pages of text, it's quite an arduous process.

The other difficulty is that JAWS may not reliably inform you of the text which has been selected, especially if the passage is lengthy.

VFO, the company which develops JAWS, recognise this, which is why they've made it possible for you to select text using alternative keystrokes in Microsoft Word and PDF documents, together with pages in an internet browser.

The concept is that you mark the start point of text you wish to select with a keystroke. Next, you move the cursor to the potential end point of the selection and press another keystroke. The text between the two marked points is selected. I developed this concept for Microsoft Word back in 2001 and as a consequence, Leasey takes selecting text to the next level.

With LeaseySelect, you can adopt a similar procedure to that just described not only in Microsoft Word documents, but in text files using Notepad or Wordpad, PDF files, web pages, the DocuScan program from Serotek, Q-Read from accessible Apps and Email messages in Microsoft Outlook. You will also find you can use it in other word processors, such as Jart which is a free word processing program. So LeaseySelect gives you a lot more flexibility.

I have a document in Rich Text format open in Wordpad. In fact it is the script for the previous LeaseyBite. I want to select several lines of text for copying to the Windows Clipboard.

I place the cursor on the starting point of the selection and press the Leasey Key followed by Comma. JAWS says "Begin Selection".

I then move the cursor to the potential end point. I pressed the Down Arrow key several times to advance through the text. If I want to end the selection here, I can press the Leasey Key followed by period or full-stop. JAWS says "End Selection".

The text is now selected and I can copy it to the Clipboard with the usual Control+C keystroke. JAWS says "Copied Selected Text to Clipboard".

If you have forgotten the text which is on the Clipboard, press the Leasey Key then "X". JAWS announces the contents of the Clipboard.

Let us now repeat the procedure. I will begin selecting some text as I did before by finding where I want to start. I then press the Leasey Key followed by Comma.

Having pressed Down Arrow a number of times to find where I want to end the selection, I've forgotten the starting point. No problem. Leasey can remind you by pressing the Leasey Key followed by Forward Slash. JAWS announces the starting point of the selection together with the potential end point, where the cursor is currently located.

You will have noticed that the keystrokes for reporting selection information are not only easy to locate if you are a proficient keyboard user, but also they are easy to remember as they are alongside each other: comma, period (or full-stop), and forward slash.
Remember too that "X" speaks the Clipboard contents and, to complete the picture, "Z" will clear the Clipboard should you need it.

Select text the easy way with LeaseySelect and make it the highlight of your day.

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