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What Is a LeaseyBite?

Many people know that Leasey is a computer program working with JAWS for Windows which is ideal for the computer beginner. However, you may not know that there are lots of tools, utilities and services which are very beneficial to the intermediate or advanced JAWS user too.

Many of these features have been suggested by existing JAWS users. We often get comments like, "I wish JAWS could do X, Y or Z". Where possible, we make it happen.

We don't want to keep all these fantastic functions a secret. So, during July, we're going to tell you about the amazing things Leasey can do. We'll do this within short concise audio tutorials we call LeaseyBites. There will be a LeaseyBite for each day of July, so 31 in total.

There will be at least one LeaseyBite to highlight how a person who has never used a computer before can benefit from Leasey, together with lots of demonstrations of existing features. And if that's not enough, our new Leasey update for July contains many new features and improvements, and descriptions of those will be included in LeaseyBites as well.

Don't have Leasey yet? We hope the features we show you in LeaseyBites may encourage you to jump into the Leasey pool and benefit from the wonderful things Leasey can do for you. We want you to get bitten.

Hungry to know more? Keep checking our social media outlets or the Leasey email list for details of each new LeaseyBite!