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The Dragon NaturallySpeaking V15 Product Range is Released!

Hi to all

This morning, the Dragon V15 series was released by its developers, Nuance. We're very pleased to say that this month, we will be releasing updates to both J-Dictate and J-Say to support this series in the product range.
This includes Dragon Professional Individual and Legal, the two products about which we've received the majority of enquiries.

We are aiming for 19 September as a release date and we see no reason why this cannot be met. It will mean that J-Dictate will support Dragon Home, Premium, and anything in the Professional range from version 13 onward. J-Say will support any product in the professional range from version 12.5 up to 15.

Since the launch of J-Say in 2003, this is by far the quickest time we have been able to support a new release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking so we're very excited about that.

In terms of access via J-Say to JAWS for Windows version 18, we are already working on compatibility for the release when it is available in October of 2016. JAWS version 18 support will be available to anyone who holds a J-Say Software Maintenance Agreement or those who wish to purchase a J-Say upgrade.

We look forward to bringing you increased access to voice recognition technology within this final quarter of 2016!