What is Upcoming in Leasey Version 3.2!


At some point this Friday, existing users of Leasey will be able to upgrade to version 3.2 through Leasey's Check for Updates facility. This is another free update. If you've not Got yourself a copy of Leasey yet, you are missing out on lots of tools, utilities and services. For example, in version 3.1, we gave you the ability to use Emoji on Facebook and Twitter, Leasey can remember the position in a document and set focus to it when it is next opened, keystrokes to adjust the computer's volume level, Goodreads was added to LeaseySearch, an improved Check for Updates facility, and more.

This new version, without exception, contains improvements customers have specifically asked for.

All new improvements are fully described in the updated help documentation, which now contains over 430 sections.

Improvements to the LeaseyDiary.

The LeaseyDiary until this point has been a simple, easy-to-use one-year calendar for keeping track of appointments and adding notes. It can still be used in exactly the same way. However, there are some situations where it is important to create an appointment for the following year. This is now possible. Typing a hyphen character followed by the letter N when specifying the appointment date, this will let Leasey know that the appointment is for the following year and will be reflected in the appointments list.

It is now possible to use the 12-hour clock time in the LeaseyDiary as well as 24-hour clock format, such as, 6PM.

When viewing diary appointments in the JAWS Virtual Viewer, the day of the week relating to the appointment is now displayed in addition to the subject and notes.

When saving LeaseyDiary appointment notes, focus now returns to the LeaseyDiary main screen.


Using the shortcut key of Leasey Key then Control+R, a LeaseyCut can be renamed. The type of LeaseyCut, such as a file, web page or folder, still remains even though the title has been renamed. Without a doubt, if we asked our customers which was their favourite Leasey feature, LeaseyCuts would be right up there, so we hope people will find this addition useful.


A number of radio stations have been removed as they no longer exist, and several stations added. The LeaseyRadio top 10 has also been changed to some extent, so Leasey users may wish to browse through that as well, Leasey Key then ALT+1 through to ALT+0.

Leasey with iTunes.

Adjustments have been made to ensure Leasey functions more optimally with the latest build of iTunes. This includes clearer identification of controls within the program.

Leasey with Facebook.

The keystrokes F1 and F2 will now allow you to move forward and back through news stories, as well as the keystrokes which already existed, F12 and Shift+F12. These keys are easier to find on the keyboard.

Leasey with Youtube.

Keystrokes already existed to search for Youtube videos, play and pause, stop, fast forward and rewind. You can now change the volume of the Youtube video by pressing ALT+Control+Windows+F12.

Default LeaseyPoints.

People use our LeaseyPoints feature to set bookmarks within positions in a document or web page. But these are set relative to each individual document or page. You can now enable Default LeaseyPoints, (Leasey Key then Control+Dash), meaning that you can now set them for all documents and web pages.

For example, if you wanted to set a LeaseyPoint so as to find the phrase, Chapter 1, irrespective of the document you have opened, that would be a good case for using a default LeaseyPoint.

Still with LeaseyPoints, they now work correctly in the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Backup and Restore.

The Leasey Backup and Restore Manager will now backup and restore only Leasey-related settings rather than the entire JAWS Settings folder. This is more effective for people who use different computers with varying Leasey keyboard configurations.

JAWS 18 Compatibility.

Leasey is now fully compatible with the upcoming JAWS version 18, scheduled for release probably some time in October.

Keyboard Responsiveness.

We've had two reports of Leasey being a little unresponsive in certain environments with the keyboard, such as edit areas. We hope this version of Leasey improves on that.


We hope Leasey users will enjoy the new update. As always, any feature suggestions are welcome. We cannot promise to get to them all, but we do want to improve the product as much as possible, and given that we produce several updates per year, there's a good chance your suggestion will be included.

We have had a few enquiries from people who want to run the Leasey product together with our scripts for StationPlaylist Studio. Currently there is a problem, since both use global hotkeys, meaning that they can be pressed within any application. Global hotkeys are at a premium, particularly within Windows10, so this isn't as easy as it sounds. However, you will soon be able to switch between a Leasey keyboard layout and a StationPlaylist keyboard layout, which should get over this difficulty.

Have a good weekend ahead and enjoy the new update!