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Product Discounts, Updates and More News from Hartgen Consultancy!

Hi to everyone

The convention and exhibition season rolls round again, and as we did last year, we're very pleased to offer substantial discounts on two of our products, Leasey and J-Dictate! You don't need to be attending a convention to get these discounts, but if you do, you'll find you can receive huge, (and we do mean huge), reductions on JAWS for Windows too.

What's On Sale?

Between now and 29 July 2016, you can receive a 50 percent discount on these popular products:

Please note that these discounts only apply if you purchase directly from Hartgen Consultancy.

What's Happening with J-Dictate?

Our J-Dictate product, allowing you to use all releases of Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate text and improve your productivity, has a new update.

If you've purchased J-Dictate in the past, you can get the update absolutely free, simply by downloading the product again and installing it. A link will have been provided in the Email which was sent to you at the time of purchase. If you do not have that, please send an email to containing your JAWS for Windows serial number, and we can trace the order and send it along. No problem!

There are two exciting things about this release of J-Dictate.

  • You can now create what we call a J-Dictate Text Note. Reproduce a few paragraphs or several pages with a single voice command. A signature would be a good example. The text can include graphics too, such as a handwritten signature.
  • Create commands to send mentions or direct messages to your friends on Twitter. Dragon NaturallySpeaking does not always understand the names of people you speak, so this considerably helps the process.

Both features are not only explained in our updated documentation, but they can also be used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home edition, which is the lowest price voice recognition product in the Nuance range. How about that?

You may like to read our Voice Recognition FAQ.

What Else is New?

As we said earlier, we are about to begin work on a new update to Leasey, again available free of charge to existing users of the product. A new version of our StationPlaylist Scripts for JAWS are being tested by some willing volunteers, and when a final release is available, there will be functionality for StationPlaylist Creator and for remote voice-tracking. Want to know what that is? You'll be able to read our documentation which will explain it. We're still improving that, but we hope the new release will be available next week.

The number of companies and organisations in the UK who are asking for our training and scripting services is very much on the increase too. So there's a lot happening.

For those who are attending conventions in the US and UK this month, safe travels to you and have a wonderful time!