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Update to Leasey 3.1 Now Available!

Hi everyone

We are very pleased to bring you another Leasey update. Recently, we brought you version 3.1 of Leasey, and hot on the heels of that comes another update.

Included in this release:
1. Added support for the Goodreads book reading site is included as part of LeaseySearch. You can search by book author, title, subject or Goodreads username.
2. When a Link is activated on a webpage or HTML document, and new content is added to the existing page, JAWS now provides notification of its existence. This is particularly important on the Goodreads site where content is dynamically updated, however our testers have also found it helpful on Microsoft Windows help pages and Dropbox as examples. Moreover, JAWS sometimes has difficulty in presenting the newly updated page to the user without the Virtual Buffer being refreshed. This release of Leasey should make things much easier in that regard too.
3. Fixed a problem where some LeaseyAlerts were not being deleted.
4. Fixed a problem where LeaseySticky Notes could not be saved in Microsoft Word. This was working fine up to the initial release of Leasey version 3.1.
5. Added a keystroke in Tween, Control+Shift+V, which will set focus to an HTML area in a quoted retweet. Pressing the keystroke a second time causes focus to return to the list of tweets.
6. Improved the internet updating facility.
A. Leasey will automatically announce when a new update is available at startup.
B. When Check for Updates is activated through LeaseyHelp, if an update is available the user is able to read what is new before downloading and installing the update. A Link is present at the bottom of the What's New screen in order to do this.
7. Improved support for the Context Menu in the Amazon Kindle application. An announcement is given relating to the book being manipulated.
8. Fixed a problem where users could not change the Mood Text in later versions of Skype.
9. Fixed a problem where you could not press F5 in the RSGames client.
10. Fixed some problems in respect of LeaseyBasic reciting incorrect prompts when using JAWS version 17 only.
11. When you wish to backup a My Country Place farm, an Edit Field now appears containing the path of the backup which can be confirmed by pressing Enter. This means it can be amended if necessary.
12. Fixed a problem where it was not possible to press Control+Enter to open a Youtube page in a new tabbed window.

To obtain this update, you will either need to Download Leasey Total Package or Download Leasey Advanced.

In conclusion, there are two further points. First, we are aware that a small number of radio stations under the Abacus banner are not streaming the correct content. We have temporarily removed some of these and they will be reorganised at a later date.

Lastly, we've had a number of requests now for a version of Leasey working alongside the MAGic screen-reader/magnifier software. We're glad to say that we are now very actively working on this, and hope to have some positive news to share later in the year in this regard.

Do enjoy the update!