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Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM UK time. We will try to give assistance to those people not living in the UK outside of those hours if possible.

Training Courses

Welcome to our JAWS Training Area!

Are you a user of the JAWS screen-reader but you need to learn more about how it works? You've come to the right place!

Within the UK, we offer on site individual or group training with JAWS. Please refer to the section of this page relating to on site training.

Alternatively, we offer online training in the use of the JAWS for Windows screen-reader, either to learn how to use specific tools within the product, or in conjunction with popular programs. Even if you are proficient in the subject being covered, it is likely that you will pick up some useful tips and tricks along the way.

The online courses are held in one of our Zoom conference training rooms which are accessible to anyone who has a computer and optionally a microphone, although asking questions using a text chat facility is possible. An app for iDevices is also available, or you can call in using the telephone from a number local to your country in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the US.

Online courses are delivered using straightforward easy-to-understand language and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions assuming you are taking the class at the same time as most other participants. Audio recordings and a text summary of key points are made available to all students.

While online classes are ongoing, students are subscribed to an Email list specific to each course. This gives a person the opportunity of asking questions and/or submitting sample work which has been completed for comment or review.

Students access the training room and course materials through a protected area of the Hartgen Consultancy website.

As software developers, we often come across situations where users have not had a good experience with the provided application because the Trainer has not had the necessary skills to teach the program. After all, a Trainer cannot inspire confidence in the student if he or she is not sufficiently experienced or prepared in the appropriate subject. Whether you are taking one of our online courses, or benefiting from our individual training programmes, we guarantee that thorough preparation is made prior to teaching the use of a software package to any student.

In summary, we would like you to learn, but have a great experience when learning how to use the program you have paid for!Download a short audio training sample concerning JAWS Smart Navigation.

Current Online Training Courses.

There are no upcoming courses at present.

Previous Online Training Courses.

By very popular request we have made archives of the following courses available. Included within each package are the audio lessons in MP3 format and text summaries where appropriate. However, opportunities do not exist for students to ask questions of the tutor or to seek advice upon specific points. We hope however that the knowledge gained while listening should be more than sufficient.

The previously available training courses are:

You can also purchase the Training Course Package, comprising all the above courses at a substantial discount of £300 which is $400.

Prices are in British pounds and American dollars. The American dollar price is approximate.

Protecting Your Investment.

Whether you purchase a tutorial or training course, we would ask please that you do not share the audio content or text training notes with others. This would mean overtime that we would not be in a position to provide future courses. Thank you for your assistance with this.

Future Online Courses.

If you have a suggestion for a future course, please Contact us today! Your suggestion need not be restricted to large applications. Teaching a specific topic is possible, so please let us know what you would like to learn.

Purchasing an Online Training Course.

You can purchase any of our training courses from our website using the links to product pages above. Towards the end of each description, you will find a link allowing you to do this. Alternatively, please send an email to, stating which course you would like to purchase. An electronic invoice will then be sent to you which you can then pay using PayPal or any major debit or credit card. It can be done quickly and accessibly without complications.

If you still think you would have difficulty with this, please Contact us today and use any of the telephone numbers provided.

On Site Training.

Within the United Kingdom, training can be delivered on any aspect of using JAWS for Windows with popular applications at your home, place of study or work. Such training could be provided to individuals, I T Professionals, those who want to learn more about the ways in which JAWS functions or other personnel. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Tuition could relate to using JAWS with applications for word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, the internet, radio broadcasting or audio production techniques, to name but a few topics.

Training can also be provided in the use of our J-Say, J-Dictate, Leasey or Accessible Broadcasting products.

What People Say About Our Courses.

Recently I have taken several classes from Hartgen consultancy. They include the class on the Station Playlist products, which I took live, and GoldWave and Reaper which I took on my own after the class had been completed.
If you have been considering taking one of the classes but been holding back, I can highly recommend Brian as a teacher. Brian is not only willing to adjust the classes to meet the needs of individual students but he goes even further than that. A good example of that is that before he taught the GoldWave class Brian modified the GoldWave JAWS scripts and highly improved on them.

You will find Brian to be responsive, friendly, and very easy to work with. Most importantly though is the confidence I have developed in my own ability to work with the computer and to try things that I otherwise may have not been comfortable with and therefore not tried.

this is the best training I have received in years. Truly worth every penny. I am having a blast!!!

I cannot believe the course is nearly over!

That was, (I think), the best and most informative course I've taken online. I learned copious amounts, and have already integrated the knowledge into projects at work! Well worth the money indeed!

As a person with more than 35 years of experience in technology who happens to be blind and hard of hearing, I have found your JAWS scripting classes easy to follow, straightforward, interesting, and relevant.

I would like to sincerely thank you for doing such an excellent job with the "a word in your ear" course. It was fantastic to be able to take part in a course that was fully accessible online with information relevant to a Jaws user. I have learnt a huge amount that will allow me to be a more efficient Microsoft Word user which will be very beneficial to me particularly in work.
Your instruction was extremely precise and both the audio files and notes will prove to be a very useful resource.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your courses to other Jaws users and have no doubt that I will sign up to another of them in the future.

While I have been delinquent in tuning in or (to date) even downloading the files to review due to work demands), I know this will be worth the hours I will spend enhancing my already good Word skills. Great to see this offering and to help support development of accessible content for improved productivity.

i must say what value for money this course has been and there is still one last part of it to go. I have never correctly used Microsoft Outlook on my PC, staying with my braille device has been fine for me. But, i took the plunge and attended the Microsoft Outlook training course from Hartgen Consultancy and it has been very good and helpful. Not only do you get 1 and a half hours online every week with 4 parts to the course but you get the recording of the training sessions and also a very good text version of it. With a totally blind person teaching it is so worth while taking part and learning your way through all the aspects of outlook. I must say now i do use this program because of this course and if further courses become available I am sure you will enjoy them.

I've learned a lot from this course and I've been using GoldWave for years.

I've learned a lot from the Reaper course. It has been fantastic.

I want to congratulate you for taking on the Reaper course. It's a brave man to take on a project like this, particularly when you have two access technologies in play.

Still Have Questions?

No problem. Please Contact us and we will do all we can to answer them.

Thank you for your interest in our courses!

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