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Control More of the Computer by Voice in July with J-Say 13.1!

Since we took full ownership of J-Say Technology
in December of 2014, we've introduced more new features than were brought to its users within the past six years, including the ability to hear audio content, a radio player, tools to make web surfing easier, new commands to improve productivity and so much more. In July, we'll be bringing you J-Say 13.1 to extend the range of things people can do with the computer, simply by talking to it.

J-Say 13.1 will include full support for Skype. Receive and make calls, text chat with your friends, set your mood text, view a Skype user's profile and hear notifications, such as who is signing in or out.

With our support for Facebook, you can easily move through the news feed, post status updates, Like posts and make your own comments too.

Spotify is a music streaming service many people enjoy. J-Say users can search for songs, make playlists, subscribe to public playlists, enjoy Spotify radio, control Spotify on a portable device and much more.

Bookmarks are back! J-Say Bookmarks were rested from a few earlier releases of the product, but they are here once again. Mark important passages on web pages and in Microsoft word documents so as to return to them later. Even if you edit the text in a document, your Bookmarks will still function.

Shortcuts have had a makeover! Previously it was only possible to launch web pages, folders and Microsoft Word documents with your voice. Now, you can point a shortcut to any file type, including PDF, TXT, those relating to spreadsheets or audio files, and any file type you can imagine. Ideal for trainers too who want to create voice commands to launch programs for their clients.

Access Technology Talk. If you are a J-Say user, chances are you want to talk about access technology products. We've introduced an "A T Vocabulary", containing many terms relating to access technology. These include special product and company names common to the Access Technology arena. When you begin using J-Say 13.1, you can start speaking them right away. Dragon NaturallySpeaking will understand them!

Documentation. Of course, all of the above features are fully supported by thoroughly written documentation. We've taken care to include explanations of the topic being covered, together with voice and keyboard commands, as many people use both.

We'll be sure to let you know when J-Say 13.1 is released!