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30 March 2012

Hi, everyone, welcome to my blog. I have had several blogs in several places, but it's lovely to have this nice new one, right here on the domain. In it you will read not only day-to-day goings on, but also details about upcoming shows which I will be doing on The Global Voice.

Yes, really. The Bear's Lair is coming back to the airwaves. In the painful aftermath of the collapse of Team-Fm, I thought, in fact I could say we both did, that Internet radio was behind me, that I'd never broadcast again. Those were some dark days, I can tell you. I have been helped through them by B, who has just been such a rock for me.

Anyway, last weekend I got an Email from a dear friend who asked why I'd stopped broadcasting. He said if I did that, I'd be giving in, and I needed to get back to it at once. I said no, I didn't want to be part of that world anymore there was too much bad stuff going on in it. And then early last week I opened Station Playlist Studio to do something, and the thought came to me that the software was sitting there, as was all that good music I'd collected, and there was nothing to do with it. No! I'm not going back to all that, I thought! Anyway, where would I go? I don't want to go back to where I was, even assuming they'd have me, and I don't know anywhere else.

That Monday afternoon, I tuned into the show of the friend who'd Emailed me earlier. He works on The Global Voice. At one point, his stream went down. No dead air ensued, but an automated stream of promos and jingles cut in until he was back up again. Now that was impressive, I thought! And the quality of the promos I was hearing! I liked what I heard. And from all I've heard of TGV, they take things seriously, but they're not totally obsessive about it, they're a relaxed outfit.

So, I took a deep breath, had a think, had a talk with B to see what he knew about the station, and wrote to the managing director. She got back to me almost immediately, and an audition was set up: a live audition!

Now, I had never had to do a live audition before! I joined Mushroom Fm before they started their policy of live auditions, and of course, B and I were the managers of Team-Fm, so I didn't need to audition for that! So, Wednesday night saw a very scared L getting ready to go live on air to audition. I had some help from my dear lep, Bert. I was so, so glad to have him back again! More about Bert later, actually.

Anyway, I'd been told that the audition would go on for an hour, but I was stopped after half an hour, told I had passed, and sent an agreement which I had to accept, before I was subscribed to mailing lists etc. I am now waiting to see what will happen, with regard to show day and time. I'm excited about being back on air again. I will be doing a two-hour version of the lair, which is enough for now. If that goes down well, and they like what they hear, I might ask them about bringing Joyful Noise back. For now, I am just excited, and glad to be getting back to the thing I can do, and that people seem to enjoy me doing.

This may sound totally crazy, but one of the worst things about losing Team-Fm was losing Bert. I've worked with the character for nine months, thought about his life and his background, developed him from the two-dimensional cartoon character he used to be into a real person with thoughts and feelings, a history, a family, a whole life. I've written his words, been inside his head. Suddenly, it was all over, and I didn't have him anymore. Sounds silly I know, but it felt awful! I just couldn't deal with it.

And then B said to me: "A lot of people like Bert. He doesn't just have to promote radio shows. There is nothing to stop us making his audioboos, his life can go on, even if he isn't working on the radio." That's B for you, so sensible. So, now we have Bert's Place on the domain, which is a treat for fans of our lovable lep, and not only contains all the original Bert Files, plus the Bert and Hinky files, but there are two new pieces of audio. One is a fill in, a piece of Bert's story that we missed telling at the time, so it is now told. One is something that happened recently. I hope you like them! As well as that, there's quite a lot of written material, which will be regularly updated. Don't tel Bert, but you're going to get to see his journal, because I know where he keeps it. And if that wasn't enough, now that I'm working again, I have Bert to help me on The Bear's Lair, pouring the drinks and finding the requests, so I'm one very happy L!

Well, as I write it's ridiculous O'clock, I have got up to make B breakfast, as he is leaving early to travel to Woking. Luckily he won't be away overnight. I have had him here all this week, which has just been heaven. Next week will be different, he will be away for the early part of it. Yukksville! Sundays when he has to leave are awful, they never get easier.

Well, I think I have written enough for now. I'll end with the books I'm reading and things I'm looking forward to.

Book I'm reading: Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince.

Things I'm looking forward to: B's wireless headset getting here, the long Easter break, being back on air, B coming home tonight.

Thanks for reading, and see you again soon.