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Leasey Availability

Hi to everyone

As many of you will know, during the past six months we have been working very hard on the Leasey product. We've delivered presentations about it and we've had a lot of support both from organisations and the visual impairment community as a whole for which we are truly grateful.

The product has been ready to go for some weeks, however unfortunately there is an important piece of the jigsaw still to put in place, and we have been for some time waiting for other people to make this valuable contribution to it. Sadly, this has not materialised.

We have done everything humanly possible in order to ensure that Leasey could be made available on the date of Sight Village London, but unfortunately until this point this last part of the project has been completely outside our control. It is only fair to the people who have pledged faith in Leasey that I update you to advise you of the situation.

We feel very disappointed regarding this. We have all worked extremely hard and that includes our beta testers who have invested their own time in order to bring about a very good product. We also have a lot of sympathy for the people who cannot wait to get their hands on Leasey!

What I can say is that we are working hard to bring Leasey to people as quickly as possible, and just as importantly, to provide users with the mechanism by which they can be properly supported, which is just as essential as the product itself. We will announce more on this blog as soon as is humanly possible. We believe very much in the Leasey product and are firmly committed to it.

Again, we would like to sincerely thank the people who have helped us so far, and particular thanks go to Freedom Scientific who have recently featured Leasey in their FSCast podcast. It was truly an honour for Leasey to be part of the 100th episode. What a milestone!

Please keep checking this website for further details. As soon as we have a permanent home for Leasey and resources relating to it, rest assured we will bring you the news! Please continue to be patient, and thank you for reading.