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Sounds Natural, Journeys Without Travel!

One of the things I love most about making our audio drama podcast is creating ambiences: pictures in sound which can make you feel you are in a certain place. What's it like in a restaurant in Elfhold, crowded with chattering elves? How do you carry on a conversation on the main thoroughfare of Bert's leprechaun colony where you can hardly hear yourself speak? How does it feel when a mermaid swims up to you and drops a pearl into your hand? These are some of the questions I've been able to answer with sound.

Creating an ambience isn't about just finding sounds, that's just the start. It's a bit like building a house or baking a cake, there are rules you have to follow or the whole thing falls down flat. The thing I really love is you can layer together some waves, seagulls, kids playing and you've got a flat beach. But add in some littel quirky detail and the whole thing suddenly comes alive.

I've been making ambiences for the podcast for three years, but I'm now working on something new, and up till now it's been purely for my own use. If there's one thing I hate it's a silent room. I have Tinitus so I need some background sound, but on most days playing music isn't an option for me, so listening to nature sounds really works. There are any number of nature sound albums and even more apps, but none of them were exactly what I wanted, so recently I got out my trusty audio editing software and made a simple track that did what I wanted. Then I played with it a bit. Then I thought hey, this is fun!

The end result is "Sounds Natural, Journeys Without Travel". There you can read about and download a collection of one hour long files which have been made for looping so that you can play them on your computer, phone or other media player for as long as you want without ever hearing the join. (I hope)!

Each file will take you to a special place of peace and serenity. You can journey to your own private island, breate in the fragrance of a high alpine meadow, find a cool stream to dangle your toes in on a hot day and more.

The Sounds Natural files are in 192KBPS MP3 and are available free of charge. If you have any comments or suggestions for ambiences you would like me to try there are contact details on the web page.

I would like to thank Brian Hartgen for his invaluable and expert advice about audio editing. If I can ever be half as good as he is I'll be one glad Lulu! Also thanks to Brian for listening to the finished product and his help with the web page.

Though these files may help with relaxation, meditation and the aleviation of Tinitus I make no claims about them now or later. I must stress that I am not a proffessional recording engineer, that said, I make every effort to produce the very best material I can.

Thank you for reading and, if you try any of the collection, do enjoy.