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Introducing LeaseyAudio and LeaseySticky Notes.


Last week we brought you a podcast about the LeaseyRadio Player. When Leasey is released in November, as demonstrated, you can browse through radio station categories, assign stations to presets and check out our Leasey top 10 stations of the month. Stations are updated regularly without you having to do anything special.

We were asked whether it was possible for people, through Leasey, to hear music or audio using files on the computer (such as MP3), or perhaps a music CD. Leasey will have this functionality for sure!

Introducing LeaseyAudio.

LeaseyAudio does much more than allow you to hear music. It centres around the LeaseyAudio menu. From here, you can create a new playlist. You are asked for the name of the playlist. Just type it in and press enter.

You then have the opportunity of browsing your music library. Use our LeaseyTag system to assign a tag to each item you would like in the playlist. This can be from multiple folders. As demonstrated in our TechTalk presentation, you can assign a LeaseyTag to any file you like within Windows Explorer.

When you've completed the playlist for now, press a keystroke, and it is generated for you. You can always get back to it and add tracks at a later date.

You can then go back into the LeaseyAudio menu so as to work with your playlists. From here, you can:

  • Open an existing playlist.
  • Listen to the playlist.
  • Hear any song which forms part of the playlist.
  • Edit the playlist. This includes changing the order of the items if you wish.
  • Deleting the Playlist.

When listening to the playlist, from within any application you can:

  • Pause, play and stop the audio.
  • Adjust the volume of playback.
  • Skip forward or back through the track. It's lovely and snappy!
  • Skip to the next or previous track in the playlist.
  • Activate and deactivate Shuffle mode.
  • Repeat the playlist.

With Leasey, you can also rip an audio CD, or play any tracks from it if you wish.

Whether you want to listen to plays, books or music, LeaseyAudio has you covered! All file formats we know about are supported.

LeaseySticky Notes.

A LeaseySticky Note is exactly what it says. When reading books, sighted people often scribble notes in the margin. Maybe you are a student. You have a DAISY book which you are using for study, and you want to make a note to yourself to remind you to quote specific passages. Simply find the place in the book, and create a LeaseySticky note with any text you like, such as, "I really must quote from this passage in my essay". Now, next time you visit that passage, you'll hear the LeaseySticky note.

But it goes further. LeaseyStickyNotes are not just used in books. You can use them on web pages, text or Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, and within many other Windows environments. So if you are a trainer, and a client often struggles when on a specific website, create your own LeaseySticky Notes to remind them what to do.


Leasey keeps getting better and better, but for this version, we're pretty much feature complete. We'll soon be going into beta testing, and there's plenty more to do before launch. But we hope with these blog entries and podcasts, we've given you a really good idea as to what is to come. We look forward to launching Leasey in November!