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Leasey Radio - Why Your Station Needs to Be There!

It's no secret that one of the things we at Astec would like to include in the innovative Leasey product is a radio player. Well, we have the player working, now we just need the stations! And that is where you come in.

We hope that people will be enjoying and using Leasey for years to come, and while they're working with all the cool features, they may like something to listen to. Well, they can with LeaseyRadio, and it could be your station people will be tuning into!

We have a large database of stations we know of which we'll be including in the directory, divided into categories and which is searchable. However, if you run an internet radio station, and you would like it to be part of the directory of an upcoming product, now is the time to say.

Here are some reasons why you might want your station to be included.
1. With global hotkeys which are available to start and stop the player, switch to another channel, and to adjust the volume, when people are not using their Smart devices to hear a station, they may like to hear what you have to offer while at the computer!
2. When people browse the directory, they have the chance of easily and quickly finding your station and listen to your fantastic shows!
3. There is no charge to include your station in the directory.
4. If you change your station's internet stream, no problem. Updates take place within a few hours. Leasey users don't have to wait for a new product update. LeaseyRadio periodically checks for updates via the internet and automatically makes the new updates available!
5. Want to be top of the charts? Listeners can add any one of the radio stations to their list of favourites. When they do, Astec receives notification of this and a monthly chart of the most popular is compiled. The top 10 list of stations have their own dedicated keystrokes. Listeners can find your station just by easily checking out the top 10 and hopefully, they will keep locked in! We'll tell you if you've made the LeaseyRadio chart, and better still, if you're number 1!

All we need for your station to be included is:
1. The station name.
2. The direct stream URL so listeners can hear the audio. This should be in either Windows Media format or an MP3 stream.
3. The station must be broadcasting audio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
4. The content must be delivered in the English language.

Please send your station's details to:

Get more people tuning into your station today with LeaseyRadio! You'll be glad you did!