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Spotify Accessibility with JAWS

Despite it being available on mobile devices, there are some of us who do like to use Spotify on the computer. I've certainly come to enjoy listening to it particularly to preview new music before purchasing it.

During this past week, Spotify appear to have updated their version of the software to V0.9.8.296 which rendered the text on the screen so it was no longer accessible to JAWS, the screen-reader I primarily use. A set of JAWS Scripts for Spotify is available for a small cost. I don't use them personally as I chose to script the application myself. But plenty of people do. Whichever solution used however, the text does not seem to be available on screen.

I did get a primitive solution working for the latest release but wanted to go back to my old scripts. This would mean, for the moment, going back to the previous version, V0.9.7.16. Here is how I did it.

  • Uninstall your old version of Spotify.
  • Download a previous version of Spotify from this page.
  • Run the installer but do not log in.
  • Download the Files I have created housed in a zipped archive.
  • From the "Run" dialog in Windows, (accessed by pressing the Windows Key+R), type %appdata% and press Enter.
  • Browse to the Spotify folder and press Enter.
  • Paste the files from the zipped archive into this folder, preventing the program from auto updating.
  • Run Spotify and enjoy.

I hope that helps someone.