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What's New in the StationPlaylist Scripts

Copyright 2017, Hartgen Consultancy

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The StationPlaylist suite version 5.3 has now been released. We're very grateful to the StationPlaylist developers for allowing us to test the release of the products which comprise the 5.3 suite over a long period so we can become aware of accessibility implications and to report any difficulties.

This announcement contains details of JAWS script changes rather than new features in the suite itself. If you would like to find out about new features in the 5.3 suite, there are two ways of doing this:
You can read the email announcement you will have received from StationPlaylist about the new features.
If you purchased our training course for version 5.2 changes, you can now download a demonstration of many of the changes in version 5.3 as well.

In summary however, we have been using version 5.3 of the products since 12 September 2017, 24 hours a day. We've found absolutely no issues which could cause any alarm.

The script changes are as follows:

The scripts can be installed into versions of JAWS up to and including JAWS 2018.

During testing, it was found that JAWS was reporting incorrect announcements when moving items in Playlists, using Cut and Paste. This is because of new functionality introduced in 5.3 which copies the title and artist of the focused item to the Clipboard as text. The scripts deal with this situation.

An extra question has been added to the Configuration Wizard for both the SPL and SAM Encoders, asking you if you would like to use the SPL Recorder to make a recording. This is important if you would like to create a cue sheet to run alongside any existing recording. If Yes is selected, the recorder will be enabled prior to the start of the broadcast, even if you have elected to start the first item playing when a connection to a server is made. This has been thoroughly tested and the recording does not miss any of the programme output.

It is now possible to play any of the 96 carts while not focused within Studio. Press Insert+Grave then the corresponding cart key you would have pressed had Studio been focused. For example, if a jingle is set to play using F4, press Insert+Grave, release the keys, then press F4.

Similarly, while in an application other than Studio, press Insert+Grave then J, to bring into view a list of carts with their predefined names. Press Enter to play. Efforts have been made to suppress speech output temporarily so as to stop JAWS speaking over the cart.

Pressing Insert+Grave then T from any program should cause the currently playing item to be announced.

Pressing Insert+Grave then N from any program should cause the upcoming item to be announced.

Pressing Insert+T from within Studio while an item is playing is now more reliable.

You can now press Control+Shift+Up Arrow to move an item up the playlist. Press Control+Shift+Down Arrow to move an item down the playlist. This saves cutting and copying. As an added example, if you wish to move the focused item two positions down the playlist, press Control+Shift+Down Arrow twice. JAWS will speak the item which has been moved.

Of particular benefit to users of the suite who voice-track their shows remotely will be the new VT Recorder. Those people who attended our training course for 5.2, and learned how to record voice-tracks locally, will be fully aware of how this recorder functions. However, it makes it possible for those recording over a remote connection to hear the start and endings of songs while recording voice-tracks if desired, thus emulating a live broadcast. There are additional features too of enormous benefit to such users.

Scripts for this recorder are included within the package, which complement the functionality which users of the older recorder should be familiar with. For example, it is possible to be notified of the incoming and outgoing items. This information is derived from the Recorder itself without us having to work out what the item titles should be which is a very welcome improvement.

Alongside this functionality, pressing ALT+Windows+F8 will set focus to the VT Recorder from any application, useful if you happen to be reading something prior to stopping the recording. To anticipate a question, it is not possible to stop the recorder from another application. This is because the VT Recorder is not part of StationPlaylist Studio and therefore it is not possible for JAWS to control it.

Adjustments have been made to JAWS so that users can press Up and Down Arrow keys with the VT Recorder to change the Radio Buttons. The Radio Buttons determine the approach the VT client takes when applying the voice-tracks.

The scripts for the SAM Encoders and the SPL Encoders have been rewritten so as to provide more accurate feedback when a connection to a server is made. You will also find that pressing F10 to stop encoding also terminates the SPL Recorder if it is running.

The script for EveryHit UK, ALT+Control+Windows+9, has been rewritten to be more responsive. Rather than pressing Tab to move through the options for input, press Enter instead.
You are advised to do this in the prompts for the form.

Download the StationPlaylist Scripts Version 5.3.